A CNC plane milling machine with high precision and wide adaptability
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A CNC plane milling machine with high precision and wide adaptability

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The plane milling machine belongs to the technical field of CNC machine tools, in particular to a CNC plane milling machine with high precision and wide adaptability.

CNC milling machine refers to a machine tool that can use a spindle to mill a workpiece. The existing CNC milling machines have the following defects:

First, the worktable and the machine base are generally integrally formed, or the worktable and the fixture are set on the machine base. When milling the workpiece, the slight vibration generated between the spindle and the workpiece will be continuously transmitted to the electronic control system and the machine base along the machine base. Servo motor, which in turn affects the sensitivity and machining accuracy of the machine tool.

Second, the table of the existing CNC milling machine is generally only suitable for the processing of workpieces within a certain size range. When the size of the workpiece is large or small, such as when milling long workpieces or ultra-small workpieces, it needs to be replaced. Large or small size milling machine. In addition, generally only one milling station is set on the worktable of the existing milling machine, and it is necessary to stop the operation when replacing the workpiece, it is not easy to realize automatic continuous production, and the processing efficiency is not high.

Third, the existing CNC milling machines with multiple stations generally realize station adjustment by rotating the worktable. When replacing the workpiece, the spindle still needs to be stopped and reset. The time consumption and energy consumption are not ideal, and continuous operation cannot be formed. , The operation mode and operation efficiency of the machine tool need to be improved.

In response to the above problems, GooDa Machinery has introduced a CNC plane milling machine with high precision and wide adaptability. This CNC plane milling machine can perfectly solve the above technical problems in the existing milling machines by adopting a split machine base, an independent or parallel double-station table and a three-axis positioning spindle, the solution is:

A CNC plane milling machine with wide adaptability, comprising a machine base and a worktable, the machine base is used for installing a main shaft, and the worktable is used for fixing a workpiece to be processed, characterized in that: The machine base and the worktable are of a split structure, and, the length directions of the machine base and the worktable are arranged in the same direction. The milling machine base is provided with an X-axis slide, and the X-axis slide can move back and forth on the base along the X-axis. The Y-axis sliding seat is provided with a Z-axis sliding seat, and the Z-axis sliding seat is provided with a spindle and a spindle drive motor. The first station and the second station of the milling machine can be respectively used for fixing workpieces with smaller size or simultaneously fixing workpieces with larger size. When the machine tool is started, the spindle can continuously perform the milling of the workpieces on the two stations in sequence and back and forth under the control of the numerical control system, or it can complete the milling of the large-sized workpieces on the two stations at one time.

Beneficial technical effect of CNC plane milling machine: It is beneficial to ensure the stability, sensitivity and machining accuracy of the milling machine. Effectively improve processing efficiency and reduce labor intensity. When small-sized workpieces need to be processed, the two stations on the worktable can form continuous replacement stations to improve the operating efficiency and adaptability of the milling machine, reduce the standby time of the milling machine, and optimize the cost-effectiveness of the milling machine.

GooDa Machinery's VM-5025/8040NC series vertical (double table changer) plane milling machine, automatic measurement, double table changer, automatic chip removal, processing range: 80-500/800mm, spindle motor 9kw, cutter head diameter 250MM, The technology is mature and stable, and it can be processed in batches and replaced by milling. Has the following features:

1. Load the A worktable, input the workpiece thickness and the processed thickness of the A worktable,

2. Press the cycle start, automatically turn to the A workbench to start processing,

3. Automatic measurement of workpiece thickness, automatic tool splitting, automatic cutting, double-change worktable can mold core, mold core material, six-sided fine milling, instead of grinding machine processing,

4. Rough milling on table A, loading on table B, input workpiece thickness and thickness after machining on table B,

5. After finishing milling of table A, press the cycle to start, and automatically turn to table B to start processing. 6. Automatic measurement of workpiece thickness, automatic cutting, automatic cutting, excellent surface effect, can replace fine grinding,

7. After the upper and lower surfaces are processed, turn to four-side processing

Dongguan GooDa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is a professional CNC precision milling machine manufacturer serving the mold, mold base mold material, hydraulic, accessories, and non-ferrous metal processing industries, focusing on manufacturing high efficiency, high precision, high High-quality CNC machine tools , is the first company in China that specializes in manufacturing high-end CNC double-sided milling machines and double-table CNC finishing machines, providing customers with the best choice, our goal is to provide customers with the most sophisticated products and the best price The price establishes a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with it to achieve a win-win situation.

For more information on double-sided milling machine / plane milling machine / gantry grinding machine, please visit: http://www.goodagroup.com/hotline: +86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, email:Sales@goodacnc.com / toby@goodacnc.com.

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