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GooDa‘s exceptional quality is demonstrated not only in its high-quality products like milling machine and cnc machining center, but also in the exceptional services it provides.

To ensure that you always get the optimum service for your needs, GooDa offers you the option of choosing the services you want yourself. From the basic delivery of spare parts to an all-round, carefree service.  
The GooDa Service Team is at your disposal as your partner for installation and training on-site, maintenance and repair providing you with genuine GooDa spare parts and accessories.

In good hands from the start

You have decided to purchase products from GooDa and now want to ensure that they are commissioned in a quick and hassle-free manner. Our installation service makes things as easy as possible.

The GooDa service engineer sets up the equipment in accordance with your requirements. He/she will then explain to you in detail how the equipment works and how it is to be maintained. This ensures that tests are performed efficiently and the equipment control system is operated in the optimum manner right from the start.
If you purchase new GooDa equipment
  • Scheduling of cargo and on-site installation
  • Customs and forwarding formalities
  • Commissioning of the equipment
  • On-site training
If you use GooDa equipment
  • Maintenance and calibration
  • Service and repair
  • Spare parts service
  • Remote maintenance
  • Training

Always available

Maintenance and repair

Exceptionally high-quality machines require an exceptionally professional service. That's why it pays to bring in specialists. At GooDa, we know our systems better than anyone else. But there is much more to a good service than this: we are easy to contact, offer prompt availability and boast motivated employees.
The benefits of an GooDa maintenance contract (After sales 2 years):
  • Basic requirement in a certified QS system
  • Guarantee for the accuracy of the measuring and test results
  • Calibration, maintenance and, if necessary, repair with just one visit
  • Fixed prices with a clear breakdown of costs
  • Preventive maintenance helps you avoid expensive faults and ensures a high level of quality that lasts
The maintenance contract includes:
  • Travelling time and expenses for our technician
  • Maintenance and calibration work
  • Small items required for carrying out the specified maintenance work
  • Calibration with a corresponding maintenance and test report, allowing the results to be used to demonstrate compliance with national standards

Online or face to face improved


To enable you as a user to work skilfully and safely with GooDa milling machine and to evaluate the acquired data in a professional manner, GooDa offers in-house seminars.
Our experts will show you how to use our products efficiently to get the best results. We provide customised concepts on programming, operation, maintenance and repair.
  • 700.000 MAN 02.02. Accepted Guard Parameters for PHSR.pdf


  • 646641607801 CERT_CE CHAMFERING MACHINE.pdf

  • 2021 VM and TH machine CE Certificate.pdf


  • SGS QIP-ASI192304.pdf

Product Inquire
Every feature, function and configuration of our machine tools are made for our customer.
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