A CNC planer milling machine
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A CNC planer milling machine

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Planer milling machines are widely used in various metal plane milling of large and medium-sized parts in the military, mold and machine tool industries.

The CNC planer milling machine belongs to the technical field of milling machines. The planer milling machine is referred to as the gantry milling machine. It is a milling machine with a portal frame and a horizontal long bed. The planer milling machine can use multiple milling cutters to machine the surface at the same time, and the machining accuracy and production efficiency are relatively high. It is suitable for machining the flat and inclined surfaces of large workpieces in batch and mass production. CNC planer milling machines can also process space curved surfaces and some special parts.

The existing CNC planer milling machine does not have a good fixing device to fix the workpiece during the processing operation. Once the milling machine shakes during the processing, it will cause the workpiece processing position to deviate, resulting in wrong operation and unnecessary losses.

In response to the above-mentioned problem of lack of fixing devices, GooDa Machinery introduced a CNC planer milling machine, which adopts the following technical solutions:

A CNC planer milling machine includes a base, an operation table is fixedly installed on the top of the base, a fixing frame is arranged on the upper surface of the operation table, a threaded hole is opened on the side of the fixing frame, and a fixing bolt is threadedly connected inside the threaded hole, and the machine tool is fixed. The side of the bolt is rotatably connected with a movable seat, the side of the movable seat is welded with a connecting rod, the other side of the connecting rod is fixedly installed with a splint, and the side of the splint away from the fixing frame is fixedly installed with a buffer pad, and the left and right sides of the milling machine base are provided There is a support frame, a processing head is arranged inside the support frame, a movable frame is movably connected to the top of the milling machine support frame, a controller is arranged at the bottom of the movable frame, a control switch is arranged on the front of the controller, and a limit box is welded on the front of the controller. and a movable rod is arranged through the side of the limit box.

The upper surface of the CNC planer milling machine operating table is provided with a sliding seat chute, the top of the fixed frame is welded with a sliding seat, and the sliding seat chute fits the sliding seat. A guide rod is fixedly installed inside the fixed frame, and the upper and lower sides of the movable seat are slidably connected with the guide rod. A pull ring is fixedly installed on the outer side of the movable rod of the milling machine, a baffle is welded on the surface of the movable rod, and a tension spring is fixedly installed on the side of the baffle.

The beneficial effect of the CNC planer milling machine is that through the cooperative use of the two splints, the workpiece can be fixed and clamped. The use of the limit box can protect the control switch of the machine tool. If the operator wants to change the switch state of the controller, he can only complete the change in the order of pulling the movable rod first and then pressing the lifting rod, which avoids mistakes in the past. The occurrence of the touch situation improves the accuracy of the controller.

GooDa CNC planer milling machine VM-8015/1320NC series products, automatic measurement, automatic chip removal, optional disk, automatic processing of upper and lower planes, flatness ≤0.01mm/100mm, machining accuracy tolerance range: +/-0.01mm, up to The effect of milling instead of grinding. The following advantages:

1. Automatic positioning, automatic measurement, automatic processing of upper and lower planes by simply inputting processing data .

2. Automatic measurement, automatic processing, automatic chip removal of the base, nitrogen counterweight, milling instead of grinding, batch processing is more convenient.

3. Processing stroke: 1500*1100*300mm (L*W*H), 2000*1300*400mm (L*W*H), cutter head diameter: 250mm.

4. The system is optional, with high precision, good rigidity and strong stability.

5. Flatness of high-speed re-cutting: ≤0.02/1000mm.

6. Fine and coarse single/double cutter head is optional to improve production efficiency.

7. Optional gear/belt drive, customized on demand, high quality.

8. Complete sizes and models, mature processes, one-stop service, worry-free after-sales.

The CNC intelligent operation of GooDa Machinery VM-8015/1320NC series CNC planer milling machine not only greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, but also improves the production efficiency and guarantees the processing accuracy. It is the best choice for the metal plane processing industry.

Dongguan GooDa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is a local manufacturer of specialized high-end CNC machine tools and key functional components in China. It is a national high-tech enterprise. It has grown into a large-scale production and sales base of high-end CNC equipment in China.

After years of unremitting efforts, the company has obtained dozens of patented technologies and software copyrights, and has successively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, EU CE product safety certification, South Korea KCS product certification, etc. In order to maintain the advantages of product technology, the company actively carries out industry-university-research cooperation while recruiting outstanding talents in the industry to continuously promote the development of the enterprise.

For more information on double-sided milling machine / planer milling machine / gantry grinding machine, please visit: http://www.goodagroup.com/,hotline: +86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, email:Sales@goodacnc.com / toby@goodacnc.com.

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