A CNC sawing machine with automatic feeding
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A CNC sawing machine with automatic feeding

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Sawing machines use circular saw blades, saw bands or saw blades as tools to saw metal round materials, square materials, pipe materials and profiles , pipe and other profiles.

The sawing machine is driven by the driving wheel and the driven wheel. The cutting direction of the saw blade is controlled by the guide rail control frame. The band saw blade is adjusted and straightened by adjusting the rotation bearing. The control frame falls into the sawing machine, and the band sawing machine is equipped with a manual or hydraulic cylinder clamping and locking mechanism, as well as a hydraulically operated valve switch.

The shortcomings of the existing automatic CNC sawing machine are: the overall structure is simple, it is inconvenient to feed the material after the cutting is completed, the function is single, and the cut material cannot be processed. To this end, GooDa Machinery introduced a CNC sawing machine with automatic feeding , the problems in the above technologies can be effectively solved, the technical solutions adopted are:

A CNC sawing machine with automatic feeding, comprising a CNC sawing machine, a pusher plate, an internal thread sliding block and an oil collecting box, one end of the CNC sawing machine is fixed with a feeding box by bolts, a chute is provided on the top of the feeding box, and one end of the feeding box passes through The mounting frame is installed with a geared motor, the other end of the CNC sawing machine is fixed with an unloading box by bolts, and one end of the unloading box is installed with a suction pump through the mounting frame.

The two ends of the top of the feed box of the sawing machine are fixed with slide rails by bolts, the top of the slide rail is provided with a pusher plate, and the bottom ends of the pusher plate are fixed with slide blocks by bolts. The slide block is located inside the slide rail. It does not affect the movement of the ejector plate while improving its structural stability.

A mesh plate is fixed inside the feeding box of the sawing machine through a card slot, a filter screen is fixed by bolts between the mesh plate and the feeding box, an oil collecting box is fixed on the inner side of the feeding box by bolts, and one side of the oil collecting box is connected by a threaded groove. Atomizing nozzle, the filter screen can filter debris and impurities to prevent them from being pumped out by the pump.

GooDa high-speed CNC circular sawing machine SAW-850/1500NC features introduction: The main structure (such as bed, saw frame, etc.) is vibrated and aging (processed to remove internal stress), which can remove internal stress, increase surface adhesion, and not easy to deform.

●Mainly used for sawing ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

●Reasonable structure, stable performance and high precision, it is an ideal equipment for medium and small batch cutting.

●The sawing feed is controlled by hydraulic pressure and adjusted by the speed regulating valve, which can realize stepless speed regulation.

● Equipped with high-power reducer, strong power, can run for a long time.

●Use hydraulic clamping to work.

●High-speed sawing, batch high-efficiency sawing equipment, support a variety of cutting methods, carbide saw blades, durable and durable.

●Automatic feeding and blanking, high cutting precision, smooth cutting surface.

●Double-side clamping, the workpiece is stable and does not move, the guide rail type composite structure, the machine tool runs smoothly and smoothly.

●Using servo motor and Mitsubishi system, high accuracy and low failure rate.

●Professional equipment for round bar and square bar slitting.

●Oil mist spray cooling system

GooDa Machinery specializes in the production of circular sawing machines, integrating R&D, sales and service. More than ten years of innovative spirit have made GooDa what it is today. GooDa Machinery has many years of experience in producing sawing machines with stable performance and quality assurance! Selling all over the world. To provide customers with professional and high-quality services, GooDa mechanical sawing machines are equipped with well-known accessories, and products that meet national standards are of high quality and reliable performance. At present, the company's main products include: CNC double-sided milling machine, CNC gantry milling machine, CNC machining center, CNC high-speed sawing machine, CNC gantry grinder, CNC surface milling machine, CNC three-axis linkage chamfering machine, 180-degree turning machine and other domestic high-end CNC machine tools.(Website: www.goodagroup.com, hotline: +86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, email:Sales@goodacnc.com / toby@goodacnc.com.)

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