A CNC twin-head milling machine
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A CNC twin-head milling machine

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Twin-head milling machine is one of the most widely used milling machines in mechanical manufacturing, which relates to the technical field of milling machines . CNC twin-head milling machine is a kind of twin-head milling machine.

When the currently used twin-head milling machine is processing the workpiece, some metal chips cut from the workpiece will adhere to the workpiece and the processing parts of the milling machine, which needs to be cleaned manually after the processing is completed, which is troublesome, and due to the processing of the milling machine. The speed of the components is fast, and it is easy to generate high temperature. After working for a period of time, it is necessary to rest for a period of time, which reduces the work efficiency.

Aiming at the above problems, GooDa provides a CNC twin-head milling machine to solve the problems raised in the above background art. The following technical solutions are adopted:

A CNC twin-head milling machine comprises a milling machine main body, a fixing frame is installed on the upper end of the middle part of the milling machine main body, and two air jet mechanisms are mounted on the fixing frame. The adjusting mechanism is connected, a fan is installed on the front side of the main body of the milling machine, an exhaust pipe is fixedly connected to the air outlet of the fan, and the end of the exhaust pipe away from the fan is connected to the two jet mechanisms.

The main body of the milling machine is provided with a fixed frame with a jet mechanism, and the nozzle of the jet mechanism is connected with the exhaust pipe connected with the fan through the connecting pipe. When in use, the fan exhausts the external air to the nozzle through the exhaust pipe and the connecting pipe. The air is sprayed on the workpiece and the machined parts of the main body of the milling machine through the nozzle, which can clean the metal debris on the workpiece and the machined parts of the main body of the milling machine, and at the same time, it can cool the machined parts of the main body of the milling machine, and prolong the processing of the main body of the milling machine. Parts working time, to achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency.

Dongguan GooDa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is the earliest manufacturer of milling machine equipment in China. The company focuses on technological innovation and independent research and development. GooDa Machinery has more than ten years of milling machine production technology. It is the first national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of CNC double-sided milling machines in China. The company attaches great importance to talents and has strong strength. It has a professional technical research and development team, enterprise management team, and sales team. It has obtained more than 30 national technology patents and 5 software copyrights. In 2015, the company successfully passed the IOS9001 quality management system certification, and in 2016 the company passed the The EU CE compulsory product certification, by 2017, the company has become the world's largest company in terms of shipments of CNC precision double-head milling machines.

GooDa CNC twin-head milling machine advantages:

* Equipped with ERP scanning input system to automatically input workpiece size by scanning.

* The machine tool has added automatic chamfering function, which can be automatically chamfered after four sides are processed.

* Shorter processing time, saving time and effort, improving production efficiency and quality.

* Automatic calibration of material width, automatic detection, automatic positioning, powerful hydraulic pressing, high-strength spindl.

* Automatic indexing of workpiece, automatic tool setting and tool separation.

* Fool-style user interface, easy to operate.

* Maintain high precision, verticality and parallelism of workpiece dimensions.

* One-time clamping automatically completes four-sided milling.

GooDa CNC series milling machines are your best choice. Contact us, our homepage www.goodagroup.com , hotline: +86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, email: Sales@goodacnc.com / toby@goodacnc.com.

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