CNC Planer Grinding Machine HG-8015NC
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CNC Planer Grinding Machine HG-8015NC

  • HG-8015NC

CNC Planer Grinding Machine HG-8015NC

Ⅰ. Machine structure features

Horizontal grinding head

The horizontal grinding head adopts high-precision flange type spindle design. With three pairs of super-precision angular contact bearings (made in Japan/Germany), using high-temperature resistant high-grade lubricating grease, completely sealed, no need for additional maintenance. Therefore, it can maintain high quality characteristics such as low noise, high precision and low temperature during grinding.

2.Worktable drive

The worktable adopts the fully supported double V self-positioning type hard rail design, the base rail is processed by high frequency, HRC55°±3°, the worktable rail is affixed with PTFE rail tape, to ensure the good smoothness and guidance of the table motion rail.

3.Gantry frame

The lower part of the double column is firmly connected with the bed, the upper part is tightly connected with the beam, and the machine bed, the double column and the beam form a rigid closed frame structure.


4.Grinding head drive

The grinding head is equipped with AC servo electric drive, with large torque and accurate feed.

Grinding wheel

The grinding machine is equipped with a safety type grinding wheel with buffer protection device. The wheel adopts reasonable structural transformation, so that the safety of the operator is guaranteed.

Lubrication system

The machine base adopts automatic circulating lubrication device.     The horizontal and vertical motion guide rails and the ball screw adopt timing and quantitative automatic lubrication device, the operation is humanized, and the machine runs safely and reliably.

Cooling system

The machine coolant device is recycled after multi-stage filtration.

Pipeline protection

The horizontal and vertical movement pipelines of the machine adopt towline mechanism, which is safe and beautiful.

Hydraulic control system

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