CNC cutting tool-a high speed circular saw
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CNC cutting tool-a high speed circular saw

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A sawing machine is a machine tool for cutting metal materials.With the development of modern mechanical processing industry, the requirements for cutting quality and precision are constantly improving, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production costs, and having highly intelligent automatic cutting functions are also increasing. In the machining process, the common methods of sheet cutting are manual cutting, semi-automatic cutting machine cutting and CNC cutting machine cutting. Manual cutting is flexible and convenient, but the quality of manual cutting is poor, the size error is large, the material waste is large, the subsequent processing workload is large, and the labor conditions are harsh and the production efficiency is low.

When cutting steel rods, traditional cutting machines can generally only cut short steel rods. When cutting long steel rods, only the steel rods can be manually cut first, which is troublesome to process. Then, when the steel rods are fed, the It is very necessary for those skilled in the art to design a circular saw machine that can transport steel bars efficiently.

In view of the above problems in the existing technology, GooDa Machinery has launched a CNC cutting tool - a high-speed circular saw to solve the problem of slow conveying efficiency of steel bars, which can be achieved through the following technical solutions:

The high-speed circular saw includes a base and a frame, a box is fixed on the base, a cutting mechanism for cutting steel bars is arranged in the box, and a feeding port for feeding the cutting mechanism is opened on one side of the box. There is also a fixed output slot for outputting steel bars; a platform is fixed outside the box below the feeding port, the frame of the circular saw machine is fixed on one side of the base, and the frame is fixed on the frame for automatic feeding of the feeding port. The conveying mechanism for feeding, the conveying mechanism includes a limit assembly and a feeding assembly arranged on the frame, the feeding assembly is arranged on the other side of the inclined guide rail, and the feeding assembly can make the steel bar break away from the limit assembly and roll down to the inclined The lowest part of the guide rail, the frame is provided with a feeding assembly for feeding the steel bar into the feeding port.

Working principle of high-speed circular saw: The steel rod is input through the conveying mechanism, the steel rod enters between the limit block 1 and the limit block 2, and then the steel rod enters the feeding port and is cut by the cutting mechanism.

The steel bars can be stacked on the inclined guide rails of the circular saw machine in turn, the steel bars can roll down along the inclined guide rails, and then the steel bars are limited by the limit assembly, and the steel rods are separated from the limit assemblies and rolled down through the feeding assembly. to the lowest point of the inclined guide rail, and then feed the steel rod through the feeding assembly. Realize automatic feeding and cutting, with high conveying efficiency.

GooDa's brand Heineda high-speed CNC sawing machine HND-6510 has a high degree of automation, fast cutting speed, high precision and high yield. Processing width: 90-650mm, processing thickness: 15-100mm, the self-developed gearbox achieves high precision, high torque and low noise. It has reached the technical level of similar products in developed countries in Europe and the United States. The surface roughness is excellent and can reach the level of milling machines. The surface roughness Ra≤1.6, and the machining dimensional accuracy is ≤0.1mm. The sawing is used instead of milling.

Features introduction:

1.The exceptional cutting speed of the unique carbide circular saw helps to significantly increase the productivity of flat steel materials. The equipment is mainly used for sawing of ferrous metal sheets.

2. The sawing machine has high reliability, high sawing efficiency, low operating cost, and high safety the full protection function is complete, with sufficient static and dynamic rigidity and other important features.

3.Use the most advanced technology to ensure that the system has a good dynamic quality.

4. The machine tool is easy to use, operate and maintain, with beautiful appearance and excellent after-sales service.

GooDa Machinery specializes in the production of circular sawing machines, integrating R&D, sales and service. More than ten years of innovative spirit have made GooDa what it is today. GooDa Machinery has many years of experience in producing sawing machines with stable performance and quality assurance! Selling all over the world. To provide customers with professional and high-quality services, GooDa mechanical sawing machines are equipped with well-known accessories, and products that meet national standards are of high quality and reliable performance. 

At present, the company's main products include: CNC double-sided milling machine, CNC gantry milling machine, CNC machining center, CNC high-speed sawing machine, CNC gantry grinder, CNC surface milling machine, CNC three-axis linkage chamfering machine, 180-degree turning machine and other domestic high-end CNC machine tools. (Website:,hotline: +86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, /

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