CNC twin head gantry milling machine
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CNC twin head gantry milling machine

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The milling machine mainly refers to the machine tool that uses the milling cutter to process various surfaces of the workpiece. Usually, the milling cutter mainly moves by rotation, and the movement of the workpiece and the milling cutter is the feed movement. It can process planes, grooves, and various Surfaces, gears, etc., milling machines are machine tools that use milling cutters to mill workpieces. In addition to milling planes, grooves, gear teeth, threads and spline shafts, milling machines can also process more complex profiles, with higher efficiency than planers, widely used in machinery manufacturing and repair sector.

However, at present, the metal plate plane finishing in the manufacturing industry such as mold and automation is divided into roughing, finishing, and then fine grinding and polishing. These processing steps are completed by different processing machines, which not only require a lot of money Invested in the purchase of multiple equipment, and the work efficiency was reduced, which could not meet the needs of today's market. Due to the above problems, the practicability and usability of the milling machine were reduced. GooDa Machinery has launched a CNC twin head gantry milling machine.

A CNC twin head gantry milling machine launched by GooDa Machinery has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency, and solves the problems of high cost and low work efficiency of previous milling machines. The following technical solutions are adopted:

The CNC twin head gantry milling machine, including a base, a column is fixedly connected to the left side of the front of the base, a beam is fixedly connected to the top of the column, a worktable and a first transmission mechanism are arranged on the top of the base in order from top to bottom, and the bottom of the milling machine worktable It is slidably connected with the top of the first transmission mechanism, and the bottom of the worktable is fixedly connected with the top of the base. The inner wall of the milling machine beam is movably connected with a second transmission mechanism, the top of the beam is fixedly connected with a control panel through a support rod, and the surface of the second transmission mechanism is slidingly connected with a rough milling assembly and a fine milling assembly from front to back.

The CNC twin head gantry milling machine realizes low cost and high efficiency through the cooperation of the base, the column, the beam, the worktable, the first transmission mechanism, the second transmission mechanism, the control panel, the rough milling assembly and the fine milling assembly. The purpose is to improve the work efficiency, improve the practicability and usability of the milling machine, and solve the problems of high cost and low work efficiency of the previous milling machine.

GooDa CNC twin head gantry milling machine, VM-8015NCRG/1320NCRG/1520NCRG all-in-one machine for finishing and roughing, fine milling, rough milling with belt spindle, base with one level and one V or double V track design, heavy cutting, high precision, and improved work efficiency! Rough milling cutter head diameter: Φ250mm, rough milling cutter head diameter: Φ80mm, to achieve the effect of milling instead of grinding.

GooDa CNC twin head gantry milling machine features:

1. Automatic measurement, automatic positioning, intelligent processing of upper and lower planes

2. Automatic chip removal on the base, nitrogen counterweight, and milling instead of grinding, making batch processing more convenient.

3. Processing stroke: 2500*1500*700mm (L*W*H), diameter of fine and rough double cutter head: 250mm+80mm .

4. Optional system, high precision, good rigidity, high finish and strong stability.

5. Flatness of high-speed re-cutting: ≤0.02/1000mm.

6. Optional gear/belt drive, customized on demand, high quality .

7. Fine and coarse double cutter head, improve production efficiency.

GooDa Machinery was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Changping Town, Dongguan City. It specializes in the production of various CNC precision machines. It has a professional technical research and development team, and integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. Advanced technology, strong old manufacturers, support customization , specialized in providing hexahedron processing supporting solutions. Our main products are:CNC double milling machine, CNC vertical milling machine, CNC gantry grinding machine, 5-axis high-speed machining center, CNC high-speed sawing machine and CNC chamfering machine . Please contact us, this is our home page :, hotline: +86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, / welcome to customize all kinds of milling machines

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