Deep hole drilling machine convenient for cleaning waste chips
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Deep hole drilling machine convenient for cleaning waste chips

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The deep hole drilling machine belongs to the technical field of drilling machines, in particular to a deep hole drilling machine which is convenient for cleaning waste chips.

Drilling machine is a general term for machinery and equipment that use a tool that is harder and sharper than the target to leave cylindrical holes or holes on the target by rotary cutting or rotary extrusion. It is also called, hole drilling machine, through-hole machines, etc., Achieve the desired effect by drilling precision components. Drilling machines include semi-automatic drilling machines and fully automatic drilling machines . With the increase in human resource costs, most enterprises fully automatic drilling machines are considered as the development direction. With the development of the times, the drilling technology of automatic drilling machines has been improved jewelry drilling has obvious advantages.

However, the deep hole drilling machines currently on the market have some defects in use. When clamping the workpiece, it is easy to produce indentation on the workpiece, which affects the aesthetics of the workpiece.

GooDa Machinery provides a deep hole drilling machine that is easy to clean up waste, in order to solve the problem that the waste produced by the deep hole drilling machine proposed in the above background technology is not easy to clean, and the workpiece fixture is easy to cause indentation on the workpiece. question. The following technical solutions are adopted:

A deep hole drilling machine which is convenient for cleaning waste chips, comprising a base, a first support column, a chip discharge pipe and a second support column are arranged below the base, and the chip discharge pipe is located between the first support column and the second support column , the first support column and the second support column are both provided with chute, and the interior of the two chute is slidably connected with a waste box. A casing and a workpiece fixture are arranged above the base of the drilling machine, and a circular hole is opened on the base. A fixing rod is penetrated through the workpiece fixture. An electric telescopic rod is arranged below, an installation box is arranged on one side of the casing, and a power switch is arranged on the front wall of the installation box. Both the electric telescopic rod and the motor of the drilling machine are electrically connected with the power switch, and the power switch is electrically connected with the external power source.

Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effects of the deep hole drilling machine are: the deep hole drilling machine is provided with a chute, a waste chip box, a chip discharge pipe and a round hole, and the user can make the deep hole drilling machine work. The waste generated during the cleaning process is swept into the round hole, and the waste is discharged into the waste box through the chip discharge pipe, which makes it more convenient for the deep hole drilling machine to clean the waste and solves the waste generated when the deep hole drilling machine is working. It is not easy to clean up, and the long-term accumulation of waste chips is not convenient for the drilling machine to work. It prevents the workpiece from falling off easily, and solves the problem that when the workpiece fixture clamps the workpiece, the workpiece is easily indented, which affects the aesthetics of the workpiece.

GooDa CNC High Accuracy Gun Drilling Machine DH-1310R Features:

Product features: suitable for medium-sized molds or parts processing, equipped with 4 intelligent support frames, extremely cost-effective.

Processing depth: 1500mm

Processing aperture: 2-38mm

Movement axis travel: X-axis-1500mm Y-axis-1000mm Z-axis-1500mm Worktable size: 1500×900mm Worktable load: 12 tons.

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