Five-axis gantry machining center
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Five-axis gantry machining center

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GooDa’s gantry machining center relates to the technical field of mechanical processing, in particular to a five-axis gantry machining center.

Five-axis linkage machining center, also called five-axis machining center, is a machining center with high technological content and high precision specially used for machining complex curved surfaces. Instruments, high-precision medical equipment and other industries have a pivotal influence. The five-axis linkage CNC machining center system is the only means to solve the processing of impellers, blades, marine propellers, heavy generator rotors, steam turbine rotors, large diesel engine crankshafts, etc.

Five-axis machining means that there are at least five coordinate axes (three linear coordinates and two rotary coordinates) on a machine tool, and can be processed simultaneously with coordinated movements under the control of the CNC system. The five-axis machining center is a kind of The high-tech and high-precision machining center is specially used for machining complex curved surfaces. However, the traditional machining center has a simple structure, troublesome tool change and low machining efficiency.

Based on this, it is necessary to address the problems of the current traditional technology, and GooDa Machinery provides a five-axis gantry machining center. The five-axis gantry machining center has a reasonable structure design, a high degree of automation, and strong adaptability, which greatly improves the processing efficiency.

The five-axis gantry machining center includes a frame body, a Y-axis moving device and a tool magazine device installed on the frame body, an X-axis moving device connected to the Y-axis moving device, and a processing device installed on the X-axis moving device. The processing device includes a driving module, a Z-axis processing spindle connected with the driving module, and a processing module installed on the Z-axis processing spindle. The processing module includes a B-axis processing component and a C-axis processing component installed on the Z-axis processing spindle.

The structure design of the five-axis gantry machining center is reasonable, the degree of automation is high, and the adaptability is strong, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. The gantry machining center is also equipped with a frame body for the connection and installation of the overall structure. The Y-axis moving device and the X-axis moving device cooperate with each other for processing, which is convenient for processing different positions of the workpiece, and has strong adaptability. The tool magazine device is used for storage. And replace the tool, the tool magazine device and the processing device cooperate with each other to process. The machining center adapts to the processing of workpieces of different specifications by changing the type of tools, and has a wide range of applications. The B-axis machining components and the C-axis machining components are installed on the Z-axis machining spindle, and the X, Y, Z and B, C axes form five axes Linkage processing, good at space surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, punching, oblique holes, bevel cutting, etc. The processing effect is good, and the overall structure is stable and reliable.

GooDa Machinery GDGM-3022NC is a five-axis gantry machining center machine tool with fixed beam and fixed column. It was developed based on the design concepts of the most popular, advanced and flexible machine tools in the world. Suitable for aerospace, shipbuilding, power generation, military industry, heavy machinery, locomotives, machine tools, textile machinery , printing machinery, automobile covering molds and other industries of various large workpiece processing equipment.

Features: The gantry machining center adopts the gantry structure of the mobile worktable. The bed is fixed, and the worktable moves in the X direction of the bed , the ram moves in the Z direction on the sliding seat, the sliding seat and the ram move in the Y direction on the gantry beam, the X and Y axes use heavy-duty linear guides, and the Z axis is plastic hard rail. The main shaft assembly is placed at the lower end of the gate, the layout of the whole machine is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is convenient. 

Headstock: We use a high-speed BT50 spindle unit with center blow.

Tool magazine: We use high-quality and stable disc tool magazines (optional).

Transmission: Three-axis motor and high-precision ball screw adopt direct drive mode. The ball screw is preloaded to improve transmission rigidity and positioning accuracy.

Dongguan GooDa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in producing CNC gantry machining centersCNC gantry machining centers can meet a variety of applications. GooDa Machinery specializes in providing customized services for customers. According to your needs, we can provide various customized gantry machining center. (Website:, hotline:+86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, /

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