Fully automatic CNC double-sided milling machine
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Fully automatic CNC double-sided milling machine

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Milling machine refers to a machine tool that uses a milling cutter to mill a workpiece. It belongs to the field of machining technology. Because of its high efficiency and good applicability, it has been widely used in modern machinery manufacturing and mechanical repair departments.

The existing milling machines have the following shortcomings: One, Manual participation in the fixation of the workpiece and the measurement and positioning of the reference plane and the machining surface is required. The degree of automation of the equipment is not high, and random errors are prone to occur in the process of workpiece fixing, measurement and positioning. Two, the existing milling machine does not have the chamfering function or the chamfering function is not perfect. When chamfering the milled workpiece, it is often necessary to replace the machine or manually reposition the workpiece. The process is discontinuous and the efficiency is low. Three, the conventional milling machine has only one milling head, and can only process a certain milling surface at a time. When there are multiple milling surfaces on the workpiece to be processed, it needs to be completed in sequence and step by step, and the processing efficiency is low.

Aiming at some or all of the above problems, GooDa Machinery provides a fully automatic CNC double-sided milling machine and a milling process using the milling machine. By improving the automation degree of the equipment or the process, the utility model reduces the manpower load and improves the equipment accuracy, to ensure the yield rate. The specific technical solutions are:

A fully automatic CNC double-sided milling machine, comprising: a fixed seat, fastened on the infrastructure; a sliding seat, slidably connected with the fixed seat; a rotary table, rotatably connected on the sliding seat; The feeding mechanism includes a pressing rod and a pressing rod driving device for driving the pressing rod. The first milling head screw slide module can position the first milling head to a designated position under the instruction of the digital control system; The digital control system is used to provide the system control function of the automatic CNC double-sides milling machine; after the workpiece is placed on the rotary table, the workpiece is first pressed by the pressing rod, and then the automatic positioning device determines the reference plane or the first workpiece. One machining surface, and then the digital control system determines the second machining surface according to the reference surface and the actual size of the workpiece; then the first milling head and/or the second milling head are positioned to the position determined by the digital control system; finally, the sliding The seat drives the workpiece on the rotary table to pass through the first milling head and/or the second milling head to complete the machining of the workpiece.

GooDa Machinery's automatic CNC double-sided milling machine has high processing accuracy and is more than 4 times faster than traditional industrial-controlled milling machines. The function of the whole machine is simplified, the operation is convenient, and it can work without programming. Automatic switching from rough milling to fine milling on the upper and lower surfaces of the blank, and milling instead of grinding; to the servo rotary table of the CNC double-sides milling machine, the four sides of the rough and fine milling are automatically completed separately.

The CNC system of GooDa Machinery adopts the most mature Japanese FANUC system and servo motor in the industry. The special operating software and operating system for CNC double-sided and double-sided milling machines have been improved and designed by the GooDa technical team, and have been registered Patent by the China Copyright Bureau . All electrical components comply with the EU CE compulsory certification, and the hydraulic rod has high stability and safety performance to be further enhanced.

Compared with the general single-head CNC milling machine, GooDa's fully automatic CNC double-sided milling machine has the following advantages:

1. The double milling head realizes simultaneous milling on both sides, and the efficiency is more than 4 times higher than that of the single head.

2. Automatic tool setting and tool separation, automatic turntable, eliminating the trouble of multiple clamping and moving the workpiece for many times, just one simple clamping can complete the 4-side processing of the metal workpiece. Reduce labor intensity and reduce the risk of work-related injuries.

3. No programming, just simply measure the original size and enter the system, install the clamp, and start it. The whole process is fool-like. The user-friendly window of the system operation interface is easy to learn and understand, and you can easily use the CNC double-sided milling machine without years of experience.

4. The fully automatic chamfering function saves the cost of purchasing an additional chamfering machine.

Choosing what suits you is the best. We hope everyone can buy their own suitable CNC double-sided milling machine. Contact us, www.goodagroup.com, hotline: +86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, email:Sales@goodacnc.com / toby@goodacnc.com.

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