GooDa Duplex CNC Milling Machine YG-850NC
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GooDa Duplex CNC Milling Machine YG-850NC

  • YG-850NC

YG-850NC GooDa Duplex CNC Milling Machine

Double Heads Milling Machine CNC Machining Tools Metal Processing Machinery YG-850NC (1)

Advantages of GooDa Duplex Milling

· 4-sides processing only need once loaded .

· Process capability to mill virtually any square-shape material

· Flat, square and parallel tolerances to 0.001"

· Finish surface roughness is Ra0.6~1.25um according to the material hardness

Features of GooDa Duplex Milling
Our duplex mills handle various length pieces, automatically complete the rough &  finish milling at once set.
GooDa duplex milling machine can bring you an excellent way to preserve valuable, in-house manufacturing time,to save employee hours and dollars.

Technical Parameters

Items: GOODA Twin Heads Milling Machine


Cutting capacity

Cutting size

60-850 mm

Cutting height

240 /290 mm (optional)

Cutting depth  

2 x 2.0 mm



600 x 600 mm

Max loading weight

2000 kg


Spindle speed                                                  

50-500 rpm

Spindle power

11/15 kw

Spindle taper


Cutter diameter

250/300 mm (optional)

X/Y/Z Axis

X/Y/Z axis travel

450/450/1100 mm

X/Y/Z axis motor power  

3.0/3.0/3.0 kw

X/Y/Z Max feed speed

9000/9000/9000 mm/min



0.02 mm/300mm

Accuracy for dimension

0.02 mm/300mm



AC380V/200 20KVA

Machine net weight

12500 kg


Mitsubishi System

*Design&specifications are subject to change without notice!

The benefits of GOODA maintenance contract (After sales 3 years: optional ):

· Basic requirement in a certified QS system

· Guarantee for the accuracy of the measuring and test results

· Calibration, maintenance and, if necessary, repair with just one visit

· Fixed prices with a clear breakdown of costs

· Preventive maintenance helps you avoid expensive faults and ensures a high level of quality that lasts

The maintenance contract includes:  

· Travelling time and expenses for our technician

· Maintenance and calibration work

· Small items required for carrying out the specified maintenance work

· Calibration with a corresponding maintenance and test report, allowing the results to be used to demonstrate compliance with national standards

Product Inquire
Every feature, function and configuration of our machine tools are made for our customer.
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