Heavy duty gantry milling machine
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Heavy duty gantry milling machine

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The gantry milling machine is a milling machine with a portal frame and a long horizontal bed. The gantry milling machine can use multiple milling cutters to machine the surface at the same time, and the machining accuracy and production efficiency are relatively high. It is suitable for machining the flat and inclined surfaces of large workpieces in batch and mass production. The gantry milling machine itself is heavy, and when it needs to be moved, it needs to be moved by multiple people, which makes the movement of the gantry milling machine relatively inconvenient.

In order to improve the convenience of moving the gantry milling machine, GooDa Machinery provides a heavy-duty gantry milling machine using the following technical solutions:

The beneficial technical effect of the heavy-duty gantry milling machine: the base of the machine body is provided with a traveling device, and the traveling device includes a traveling wheel set and a first driving component for driving the rotating wheel set. When in use, the user can drive the walking through the first driving component The rotation of the wheel set makes the body move without manual handling, which reduces the labor of the user, and at the same time increases the moving speed of the milling machine and improves the convenience of the user's operation.

GooDa Machinery VM-1625/1830/NC series CNC gantry milling machine can automatically position, automatically measure, and automatically machine the upper and lower planes just by entering the processing data. The tolerance range of the flatness machining accuracy is 0.02mm/500mm, and the surface roughness: Ra0 .8, processing stroke: 2500*1600mm, 3000*1800mm, batch processing is more convenient.

GooDa gantry milling machine features:

1. All performances are safe and reliable, with long service life and high processing efficiency, only need to input processing data.

2. Automatic positioning, automatic measurement, automatic processing of the upper and lower planes.

3. Low speed heavy cutting, high speed and high precision.

4. The plane accuracy tolerance is less than or equal to 0.02mm/500, and the surface roughness Ra is less than or equal to 0.4, which can achieve the effect of milling instead of grinding.

GooDa Machinery was established in 2012 and is headquartered in Changping Town, Dongguan City. We are the first manufacturer to produce the high-end CNC machine in China, who focusing on developing and supplying the high efficiency, high accuracy, and high quality of CNC duplex milling machine, CNC vertical milling machine , CNC gantry grinding machine, 5-axis high speed machining center , CNC high speed saw machine and CNC chamfering machine. Here is our homepage:www.goodagroup.com, hotline: +86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, email:Sales@goodacnc.com / toby@goodacnc.com.

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