How does a deep hole drilling machine work?
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How does a deep hole drilling machine work?

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Want to punch holes in metal parts without damaging them? That's why we need a deep hole drilling machine. What is the function of a deep drilling machine? How do we operate a deep hole drilling machine correctly?

deep hole drilling machine

l What is the function of a deep hole drilling machine?

l What are the applications of drilling machines?

l How to use a drilling machine?

What is the function of a deep hole drilling machine?

Deep hole drilling is widely used in industrial applications, but its origins can be traced back to the need to drill very precise and straight gun barrels, where the ratio of depth to diameter may reach 20:1. Deep hole drilling requires the use of specialized cutting tools that allow more coolant to flow into and out of the hole to remove chips. Many deep-hole drilling operations require the use of specialized machinery to accommodate specific tools. These machines include two spindles for rotating the workpiece and tool, enabling extremely accurate and clean drilling. In terms of general basic types, there are two versions of deep hole drilling: BTA drilling and gun drilling machine. The following sections explain them in more detail.

What are the applications of drilling machines?

1. Fuel injector body: High quality, high volume components require a large number of holes with extreme tolerances, accomplished through a 3-axis gun drill center with robot and conveyor automation.

2. Fuel rails for diesel engines: Gasoline rails require tiny straight holes that do not fail under fuel pressure. Gun drilling produces boreholes that meet these stringent standards.

3. Heat exchanger tubesheet: Thousands of accurate holes can be quickly and efficiently obtained using a multi-spindle tubesheet drill.

4. Aircraft landing gear: Drill and shape the landing gear drive cylinders while maintaining excellent straightness tolerances in high strength metals.

5. Fluid assembly end: Drill holes in steel blocks used in hydraulic fracturing equipment. Heavy workpieces and tight tolerances require qualified machinery and tools.

6. Hydraulic cylinder bore: polish existing bore to mirror surface finish standard to obtain better hydraulic cylinder.

How to use a drilling machine?

1. First, we will mark a point on it where the hole will be punched.

2. Next, we assemble the parts with a drill press, take a sharp cylindrical multi-point tool, insert it into the chuck, and hold it firmly in place.

3. Third, place the workpiece block on the drilling table so that the tooltip is aligned with the point marked on the block by the rotary table fixture.

4. Fourth, move the table along the column to a specific distance between the tool and the block.

5. Finally, we switch on the power, and the tool starts to manually rotate the hand, making sure that the rotating tool moves linearly toward the block until the tool rotates the lever, the tool moves further into the block, and continues to rotate the lever until the tool pierces the block.

6. This is how to punch holes in a block without damaging it. This process of drilling a hole in a block by means of rotation is called, and the tool used is called a drill, so the machine set used is called a drill press or drill.

Gun drilling machine cannot damage the object under the condition of precision drilling, and is an indispensable part of industrial manufacturing. If you are looking for a supplier of high quality deep hole drilling machine at a reasonable price, the GooDa Company is a very good choice

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