How to safely use sharp milling machine?
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How to safely use sharp milling machine?

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milling machines have many uses and can provide high precision for drilling and machining various mechanical parts. However, millers are not easy tools for the amateur mechanic to use, and mastering them takes practice. How should we operate a sharp milling machine correctly?

  • What is a milling machine?

  • How does a milling machine work?

  • How can I safely use the sharp milling machine?

What is a milling machine?

1. A milling machine is a device for rotating a circular tool that has multiple cutting edges arranged symmetrically around its axis, and the workpiece is usually kept in a vise or similar device clamped on a work table that can move in three vertical directions.

2. Milling machines are used to process solid materials, such us metals, and are usually used to process irregularity and flat surfaces. The tool is designed to rotate during operation, not in a lathe, where the part itself rotates during the cutting operation.

3. A milling machine is a powerful machine designed to mill or engrave material. Mills use a variety of cutting tools, including rotary blades, drills, and even abrasives.

4. The best milling machines use high-quality cast iron construction, variable speed engines, power units, and cutting tools that move along the X and Y axes. millers are used in a variety of roles from woodworking to metalworking.

5. Milling machines usually have independent electric drive motors, cooling systems, digital readings, variable spindle speeds and electric table feeds. They can also be used for drilling, drilling and cutting gears as well as for production slots and grooves.

How does a milling machine work?

A sharp milling machine is a cutting tool that rotates at high speed to remove chips from a workpiece. The process involves the operator moving the cutting tool towards the workpiece to cut the material. If the work is done correctly, the workpiece will eventually form into the desired shape. With a conventional milling machine, the operator manually moves the cutter to shape the workpiece. Modern millers, on the other hand, are equipped with CNC control systems that perform very precise work using pre-determined motion.

How can I safely use the sharp milling machine?

1. Before each startup, check whether the lubricating oil in the lubricating oil pump behind the CNC milling machine is sufficient, whether the air compressor is turned on, and whether the mechanical oil used for cutting fluid is sufficient.

2. When starting the machine, first turn on the main power supply of the CNC milling machine, then press the start button in the CNC power supply, and rotate the emergency stop button clockwise. After the CNC milling machine has tested all functions, press the machine button to reset the CNC milling machine and keep it in standby state.

3. During manual operation, it must always be noted that the Z axis must be in the tool lifting position before moving in the X and Y directions. In the process of moving, you should not only observe the change of coordinate position in the CRT screen, but also observe the movement of the tool. After the tool moves in place, you can look at the CRT screen for fine adjustment.

4. In the programming process, for beginners, G00 command should be used as little as possible, especially in the X, y and Z axis linkage. When the tool is empty, the movement of Z axis shall be separated from the movement of X and Y axes, that is, more tool lifting and less oblique insertion. Sometimes the cutting tool will be damaged when it touches the workpiece due to oblique insertion.

5. When using a computer for serial communication, it is necessary to: first open the CNC milling machine, and then open the computer; Turn off the computer first and then the CNC milling machine. Avoid the impact on the computer due to the instantaneous change of current during the switching process of the milling machine.

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