Revolutionizes your factory with GooDa CNC machine.
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Revolutionizes your factory with GooDa CNC machine.

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We are the one of the leading providers of the high-end CNC machine in China, who focusing on developing and supplying the high efficiency, high accuracy, and high quality of CNC duplex milling machines and vertical/Planer CNC milling machine, CNC machining Center, Grinding machine, deep hole drilling machine and circular sawing machine.

Our aspiration is to be flexible in implementing customer requirements, guarantee the high reliability of the milling machine, ensure that spare parts are available at short notice and facilitate the prompt availability of service engineers.

Have a project on hand?

Contact us to speed up your production and Achieve high quality with GooDa's CNC twin head milling machine.

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Every feature, function and configuration of our machine tools are made for our customer.
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