Should I choose metal milling machine?
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Should I choose metal milling machine?

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Milling machine applications are many, almost all industries will use it. There are many things to consider before buying a new miller. What do you need to know if you want to buy a metal milling machine?

  • What is the function of metal milling machine?

  • How to choose the right milling machine?

  • How to use metal milling machine safely?

What is the function of metal milling machine?

Milling machines are used to cut materials and remove layers with high precision. This process, also known as machining, is done on lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinders, etc. Machining is a very precise art, and the tools needed for success are equally precise by nature. What makes a milling machine unique and highly valuable on the shop floor is its speed, precision and versatility. Its speed is often attributed to the popularity of CNC control, but even experienced mill operators can use traditional controls to complete precise projects quickly. By fully controlling the X, Y, and Z axes of the cutting tool, the operator is limited only by his imagination. The versatility of the miller is by far the most remarkable. There are thousands of cutting tools to choose from, each offering a different function. These cutting tool bits can be used to sculpt, engrave, cut and even finish metal.

How to choose the right milling machine?

1. First, you need to know the types of projects that are executed most often. Do you need a milling machine to make some simple corrections or a lot of projects involved? Knowing this will greatly help you choose the right tool type.

2. You also need to know how many axes your artifact needs. Standard milling machines have three - or four-axis function. A three-axis machine will have one vertical axis and two horizontal axes. The vertical axis elevates the table toward the tool, while the two horizontal axes move the table horizontally and vertically. In a four - axis milling machine, the fourth axis can rotate the table. It saves you from having to disassemble the machine to work at different angles. If you are dealing with complex patterns, a four-axis machine is ideal. If you only need to make simple fixes, three axes will suffice. For more complex projects, there are even five-axis milling machines. The fifth is the horizontal pivot of the nose, which increases mobility.

How to use metal milling machine safely?

1. Before setting up the work, ensure that the workpiece, table, spindle taper and mandrel or shank are free of chips, nicks or burrs.

2. Do not choose a milling cutter with a diameter larger than required.

3. Check the machine to see that it is in good working condition and properly lubricated, that it can move freely, but not too freely in all directions.

4. Consider the direction of rotation. Many cutters can be reversed on the spindle, so make sure you know whether the spindle rotates clockwise or counterclockwise.

5. Feed the workpiece in a direction opposite to the rotation of the cutter (conventional milling).

6. Do not change feed or speed while the milling machine is running.

7. When using a fixture to fix the workpiece, make sure the fixture is tight and the workpiece is fixed to avoid bouncing or vibration during cutting.

8. Use plenty of recommended cutting oils.

9. Plan each task with good judgment and common sense, and profit from previous mistakes.

10. Set up each job as close to the spindle of the milling machine as possible if the situation permits.

Prices for different types of metal millers can vary widely. If you are looking for a supplier of high-quality metal milling machines at a reasonable price, the GooDa Company is a very good choice.

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