What are the advantages of industrial sawing machine?
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What are the advantages of industrial sawing machine?

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Although the sawing machine has been an essential tool in the manufacturing industry, many people still do not understand its characteristics. For example, what factors should be considered when choosing an industrial sawing machine? What are the benefits of using a CNC sawing machine?

sawing machine

l What is an industrial sawing machine?

l What are the characteristics of CNC sawing machine?

l What should be considered when choosing industrial sawing machines?

What is an industrial sawing machine?

1. Sawing machine with circular saw blade, saw band or saw blade as a tool, saw metal round material, square material, tube material and profile, etc. The machining accuracy of sawing machine is generally not very high, and it is used for cutting all kinds of bar materials, pipe materials and other profiles in the material preparation workshop. The driving wheel and slave wheel drive the saw blade to run, and the cutting direction of the saw blade is controlled by the guide control frame. By adjusting the rotation bearing, the band saw blade will be straightened and cleared by the scraper. By the hydraulic cylinder piston rod support guide rail control frame falling into saw cutting material, band saw machine equipped with manual or hydraulic cylinder clamping locking mechanism, as well as hydraulic valve switch.

2. Circular saw machine according to the blade feed direction and divided into horizontal (horizontal feed), vertical (vertical feed) and pendulum (around a fulcrum swing feed) 3. In addition, there are all kinds of special circular sawing machine, such as the head saw machine for cutting the pouring riser of large castings; Combined sawing and drilling machine for rail sawing and drilling.

What are the characteristics of CNC sawing machine?

1. Save labor, save labor, save material can save cost better, improve efficiency, create high profit.

2. Personnel: Traditional machines are operated by two people. After using a CNC band saw, the scribing process is reduced and can be reduced to one person.

3. Material saving: when using the traditional band saw, the worker can cut a few millimeters more, leaving a certain margin, which can also be called material consumption. The use of CNC sawing machine, will largely reduce material consumption, reduce waste, improve output, so as to achieve cost savings, increase profits.

4. The surface finish of the cutting workpiece is much higher than that of the ordinary band saw, which can be processed with a little planning and milling, not only reducing the labor intensity of planning and milling, but also improving the quality of the product.

5. Good stability, convenient drawing.

6. Saw blade rotation stability is high, not easy to break.

What should be considered when choosing industrial sawing machines?

1. Required cutting speed (square inches per minute, allowing for linear velocity and metal thickness)

2. The cost of

3. Required floor spacing

4. Cut with coolant or dry

5. The length of the precision

6. Surface treatment

7. Future production increase

If you are looking for a supplier of high quality industrial sawing machine at a reasonable price, the GooDa Company is a very good choice.

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