What are the advantages of precision milling machines?
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What are the advantages of precision milling machines?

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Today's industry is developing at an amazing rate, and precision millers are being used more often. What is the purpose of a milling machine? Why chooseprecision milling machine?

  • What is the purpose of a milling machine?

  • Why choose precision milling machine?

  • What are the tips for using a milling machine correctly?

What is the purpose of a milling machine?

A milling machine is a device for rotating a circular tool that has multiple cutting edges arranged symmetrically around its axis, and the workpiece is usually kept in a vise or similar device clamped on a work table that can move in three vertical directions. Milling machines are used to process solid materials, including metals, and are usually used to process irregularity and flat surfaces. The tool is designed to rotate during operation, not in a lathe, where the part itself rotates during the cutting operation. A milling machine is a powerful machine designed to mill or engrave material. Mills use a variety of cutting tools, including rotary blades, drills, and even abrasives.

Why choose precision milling machine?

1. By using a precision milling machine tool, once the correct specifications are entered, the automated precision machining process takes over. Compared with manual processing, the possibility of error is extremely low. When you outsource this work, you don't have to recruit and hire the highly skilled staff needed to run these machines.

2. Precision machining through millers ensures consistent output over and over again. Consistently producing high quality products increases customer confidence and increases your brand awareness.

3. Being able to get your product to market faster gives you an edge over facilities that are still using older methods. You may also be more flexible to change due to industry regulations or customer requirements.

4. Precision machining offers your business the opportunity to explore small niche markets with high return potential. As niche opportunities are identified, precision milling can achieve flexible product development phases. If there is market demand, machining can be converted to full production mode.

5. Precision milling also allows prototypes to have functional parts rather than more concept/design prototypes. Functional prototypes command more confidence from investor stakeholders than pure concepts.

What are the tips for using a milling machine correctly?

The CNC milling machine should be strictly prepared before operation, so that it can work better. Preparation before work is as follows:

1. Before operation, you must be familiar with the general performance, structure, transmission principle and control program of the NC drilling and milling machine, and master the functions and operating procedures of each operating button and indicator light. Do not operate or adjust the machine tool until you understand the whole operation process.

2. Before starting the machine tool, check whether the electrical control system of the machine tool is normal, whether the lubrication system is unblocked and whether the oil quality is good, add enough lubricating oil according to the specified requirements, whether each operating handle is correct, whether the workpiece, fixture and cutter are firmly clamped, and check whether the coolant is sufficient. Then, drive the machine slowly and idle for 3 ~ 5 minutes, check whether each transmission part is normal, and use it normally after confirming that there is no fault.

3. After the program debugging is completed, the operation can be carried out according to the steps. Skipping the steps is not allowed.

4. Before machining parts, it is necessary to strictly check whether the machine tool origin and tool data are normal, and carry out no cutting path simulation.

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