What are the types of milling machine?
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What are the types of milling machine?

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A milling machine, a type of machine tool, is mainly used for metal cutting. milling machines are used to cut flat surfaces, or use specially shaped milling cutters to mill out forming surfaces, helical grooves or gear teeth. During milling, the workpiece is mounted on the worktable or on accessories such as the indexing head, and the milling cutter performs a rotating cutting motion, supplemented by the worktable for feeding motion. The method of machining the workpiece surface with a milling cutter as a tool is called milling. There are many types of milling machines, including horizontal milling machines, vertical milling machines, gantry milling machines, copy milling machines, double-head milling machines, universal milling machines, etc. This article mainly introduces you to the vertical milling machine, Duplex milling machine and gantry milling machines of GooDa.

Here is the content list:

  • vertical milling machine

  • Duplex milling machine

  • gantry milling machine

Milling Machine for sale

vertical milling machine

GooDa’s CNC vertical milling machine is mainly heavy milling surface machine. The integrated high rigidity T-shaped bed, double- column structure and crosswise overhangless structure ensure high straightness accuracy and and excellent workability.

vertical milling machine Features and applications:

(1)Full Automation for Consistent Milling Quality:

Automatic measurement and / tool-setting, automatic tool division and automatic connection cutting, automatic rough cutting and finish cutting.

(2)Easy to Run:

One setting, two face milling from black surface to finish size, only turn over plate need manual operation, and we have the turn over plate machine to help you to do it easily and safely.

(3)The Electric permanent worktable:

It can holds the workpieces firmly and fix it without any clamp, and contour workpieces can be filled arbitrarily in the range of worktable size, resulting in further higher efficiency and higher performance.

VM-8015NC vertical milling machine has an overhang Z- sliding surface table driven by a ball screw to ensure high accuracy milling at both low and high speeds.

Duplex milling machine

Advantages of GooDa Duplex Milling:

(1)4-sides processing only need once loaded .

(2)Process capability to mill virtually any square-shape material

(3)Flat, square and parallel tolerances to 0.001"

(4)Finish surface roughness is Ra0.6~1.25um according to the material hardness

gantry milling machine

The gantry milling machine is a milling machine with a portal frame and a long horizontal bed. The gantry milling machine can use multiple milling cutters to machine the surface at the same time, and the machining accuracy and production efficiency are relatively high. It is suitable for machining the flat and inclined surfaces of large workpieces in batch and mass production. CNC gantry milling machines can also process space curved surfaces and some special parts.

Dongguan GooDa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, and located in Dongguan City, which focus on R&D and manufacturing special machines used for mold base and mold making industry, whole production line for metal processing. Main products include High precision milling machine, CNC large bridge milling machine, CNC bridge type machining Center, 6-axis drilling machine, Automatic Sawing Machine and Precision manual grinder.

Do you want to know more about vertical milling machine, Duplex milling machine and gantry milling machines of GooDa? Then get in touch with us! https://www.goodagroup.com/

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