What can a gun drilling machine be used for?
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What can a gun drilling machine be used for?

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Gun drilling machine are not uncommon in manufacturing, so do you know what they are used for? How does a gun drilling machine work? What are the components of a deep hole drilling machine?

gun drilling machine

l What is a gun drill?

l How does a gun drill work?

l What are the key components of a gun drilling machine?

What is a gun drill?

A gun drill is a deep-hole drilling machine designed and manufactured to maximize the performance of a gun drill tool in order to drill very deep precision holes in almost any material. Professional machinery integrates powerful technologies required for tool support, coolant pressure and machine power to accurately and efficiently handle deep hole gun drilling applications.

How does a gun drill work?

Coolant is conveyed through the center of the gun drill tool while the motor turns the tool or workpiece or both. The feed system provides thrust for the tool to start the gun drill. The tool accurately imports the workpiece through the bushing. When drilling, chips are rushed out along the grooves of gun drill under the action of high-pressure coolant. Chips can be removed without deep hole drilling or interruption of feed.

What are the key components of a gun drilling machine?

1. The precision drilling guide sleeve contacts the workpiece to guide the gun drilling tool in preparation for drilling. The bushing allows the tool to start in the correct position and have the correct aperture, which is essential for accurate deep hole drilling. The bit guide sleeve is also used to seal the workpiece to contain the coolant during drilling.

2. The chip box is a precision machined component that maintains critical alignment between the bit guide sleeve and the spindle centerline. When the chips are flushed out of the opening by the cutting fluid flow, a feature in the machine structure redirects the chips and fluids from the gun drill operation while accommodating them in a clean, clutter-free gun drill and surrounding area.

3. Whip guides support long tools outside the workpiece because of the high speed and unbalanced nature of gun drill tools. Guide rods are devices equipped with rotating bearings and blades that make contact with the tool and stabilize the handle during drilling. Longer walking machines may have six or more walking whiplike brackets that fold over each other as the tool moves, while shorter drilling machines may have only one fixed guide.

4. The gun drill spindle transmits power and torque from the motor in a high speed, high precision and low vibration way for high efficiency gun drill. Spindles also operate at very high duty cycles and are therefore carefully designed for sustained use under these conditions. Belt driving spindles is common, but higher speed applications may require integrated motors.

5. The reliability and performance of gun drilling process depend largely on the cooling system of machine tool. A logically designed fluid storage system starts with coolant retention and a high-capacity pump set to deliver the cutting fluid to the gun drill tool. Once the coolant passes through the metal cutting operation, it enters the filtration system. Low micron coolant filtration and filter condition feedback prevent the accumulation of chips and small particles, resulting in reduced downtime, longer tool life and improved surface finish.

6. Heat is generated by the drilling headstock, drilling process and coolant pumping system, which can negatively affect drilling factors such as tool life and accuracy, as well as operating conditions around the machine tool. To manage heat, a heat exchanger or cooler is used to keep the cutting fluid at the appropriate temperature.

Gun drilling machine are built on proven technology and are usually configured according to workpiece size and shape, required productivity and precision specifications. If you are looking for a supplier of high quality deep hole drilling machine at a reasonable price, the GooDa Company is a very good choice.

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