What is a double head milling machine?
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What is a double head milling machine?

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Double-head milling machine is one of the most widely used milling machines in machinery manufacturing and assembly plants. The difference from traditional milling machines is that it can perform milling on both sides of the workpiece at the same time.

The double-head milling machine originated from Japan, and as the "originator" of Japanese lathes and the oldest machinery manufacturing enterprise, the machine tools it produces are the symbol of Japan's high-precision and high-stability machine tools. In 1889, Ikebei Company, founded by Mr. Ikebei Shōtaro, independently developed two sets of the earliest 6″ belt lathes in Japan and put them on the market immediately, creating a precedent for lathe production in Japan. In 1932, high-speed precision lathes were developed. In 1937 and then developed a high-speed and high-efficiency double-head milling machine.

Until 2006, China's self-developed double-head CNC milling machine was put into production. The application of this technology not only achieved obvious economic and social benefits, but also filled the gap in the domestic machinery industry.

In the past, ordinary vertical milling machines have been used to process products. However, with the continuous improvement of customers' requirements for products, the original equipment has been unable to meet the requirements of the market and users. Through the bold innovation in design by the technical staff of Jiangbin company, the most advanced numerical control technology has been introduced into the design and manufacturing, and the original single head has been changed into double heads, thus realizing a technological leap. The improved double-head milling machine not only meets the quality requirements of users, but also doubles the production and work efficiency. The original four working procedures are reduced to one working procedure, and on the basis of reducing three labor costs, the shift output is increased by more than 8 times. The The labor intensity of workers has also been greatly reduced, and the original tedious and time-consuming operation is gone.

Dongguan GooDa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is a local manufacturer of specialized high-end CNC machine tools and key functional components in China. At present, it has grown into a large-scale production and sales base of high-end CNC equipment in China.

The CNC double-head milling system of GooDa Machinery adopts the relatively mature Japanese FANUC system and servo motor in the industry. The special operating software and operating system for CNC double-head milling machines have been improved and designed by the GooDa technical team, and have been registered patent by the China Copyright Office. 

GooDa Machinery is determined to meet the individual needs of customers, to ensure the high reliability of the double-head milling machine, to ensure that the spare parts can be in place in time at short notice, and to achieve fast engineering services. Take every customer seriously, and only when the customer is satisfied will we be satisfied.

The double-head milling machine has the characteristics of double-sided simultaneous milling, one is to improve the processing efficiency, and the other is to reduce the error of repeated clamping. 

The fully automatic CNC type has a series of automatic functions such as automatic feeding, automatic clamping and automatic processing. The advantage lies in freeing hands, ensuring accuracy, and low power consumption.

The semi-automatic manual double-head milling machine can complete the milling of two-sided symmetrical products at one time, with automatic clamping and automatic tool feeding. Due to the design of short feed distance, manual feeding will lower the price, and the output and processing efficiency will be higher, but it will consume more manpower.

If you want to know more about the double head milling machine, please contact us, this is our homepage:www.goodagroup.com,hotline:+86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, email:Sales@goodacnc.com / toby@goodacnc.com.




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