What is a gantry milling machine?
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What is a gantry milling machine?

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Gantry milling machine, referred to as gantry milling for short, is a milling machine with a portal frame and a long horizontal bed. It consists of a portal frame, a bed worktable and an electrical control system. The gantry milling machine can use multiple milling cutters to machine the surface at the same time. The machining accuracy and production efficiency are relatively high, and it is suitable for machining large workpieces in batch and mass production plane and inclined plane. According to the form, it is divided into gantry fixed table mobile type and gantry mobile type. According to whether the beam moves on the column, it is divided into two types: movable beam type and fixed beam type. It has the characteristics of sufficient rigidity, high efficiency and comprehensive performance. CNC gantry milling machines can also process space curved surfaces and some special parts.

The gantry milling machine is a horizontal milling machine created by American Whitney in 1818. In order to mill the spiral groove of the twist drill, American Brown created the first universal milling machine in 1862. This is the prototype of the lifting table milling machine, around 1884, the gantry milling machine appeared again, and the semi-automatic milling machine appeared in the 1920s,the worktable can use the block to complete the automatic conversion of "feed-determination speed" or "determination speed-feed".

The shape of the gantry milling machine is similar to that of the gantry planer, the difference is that its beam and column are not equipped with a planer tool holder but a milling tool holder with a spindle box, and the reciprocating motion of the longitudinal table of the gantry milling machine is not the main movement, but the feed movement, and the rotary movement of the milling cutter is the main movement. On the gantry milling machine, multiple milling cutters can be used to process the surface at the same time, so the production efficiency is relatively high, and it is suitable for batch and single-piece production for processing medium and large workpieces.

GooDa Machinery's CNC gantry milling machine sells well at home and abroad! According to the size of the customer's workpiece, choose the appropriate machine model. The gantry milling machine series can choose the system according to the demand and accuracy requirements (Germany Siemens, Japan's Fanuc, Japan's Mitsubishi, Taiwan Jingke, Taiwan's Baoyuan). The manufacturer's design structure is stable, high rigidity, and cost-effective.

GooDa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of CNC gantry milling machines. The machine tools have stable performance in all aspects, simple operation, flexibility and convenience. The quality and reputation are guaranteed, and the machine tool can only be shipped after factory inspection. All aspects of the service are in place, providing professional plane processing solutions, selecting the construction period according to the order, and selecting the model configuration according to the economic strength.

GooDa Machinery is a national high-tech enterprise, which has maintained rapid development since its establishment and has an extraordinary influence in the industry. After years of R&D and innovation, GooDa has obtained dozens of patented technologies and software copyrights, and has successively passed ISO9001, CE, Korean KCS and other quality and safety quality certifications, providing a strong guarantee for the quality of products. GooDa Machinery's main products: CNC double-sided milling machine, vertical plane milling machine, CNC gantry milling machine, CNC gantry grinder, CNC sawing machine, CNC three-axis linkage chamfering machine, 180-degree turning machine, CNC bridge machining center, six-axis Drill press.

Advantages and characteristics of GooDa CNC gantry milling machine:

1. The main components of the machine tool, such as the bed, worktable, vertical bars, and beams, have a reasonable layout and scientific design, which greatly improves the rigidity and seismic performance of the machine tool and ensures the machining accuracy of the machine tool.

2. Super-large milling head, high-rigidity spindle, and super-large electric permanent magnet worktable, which can process large and small materials.

3. Roughness≤Ra0.3um, flatness≤0.02/1000mm.

4. High finish, good flatness, and the processing efficiency is more than 3 times that of the traditional gantry milling machine.

5. Provide one-stop service, worry-free after sale.

GooDa Machinery is committed to meeting the needs of different customers. If there are special workpieces to be processed, we, as a professional machine tool manufacturer, will definitely answer your doubts and customize exclusive solutions for you. Get in touch with us, www.goodagroup.com,hotline: +86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, email:Sales@goodacnc.com / toby@goodacnc.com.

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