What is the function of grinding machine?
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What is the function of grinding machine?

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The grinder is one of the most important machines in manufacturing. Do you know enough about grinding machines? What are the advantages of a grinder?

grinding machine

l What does the full-auto Surface grinder do?

l What are the advantages of a grinder?

l How to use CNC Surface grinding machine?

What does the full-auto surface grinder do?

The most important purpose of a grinder is to keep working tools in proper condition and to reduce the cost of buying new tools. A work tool is actually any cutting tool, including knives, shears, carpenters, and other tools with similar features and functions. This type of grinding system must be of good quality, reliable and easy to operate. Even an operator without any training must be able to use the machine to very good effect.

What are the advantages of a grinder?

1. With the help of this machine, we can obtain good surface finish on the workpiece.

2. Grinding can process hard materials.

3. Good surface finish, available from the machine.

4. The operation can also be carried out at the highest temperature.

5. In a grinder, the abrasive particles are self-sharpening.

6. Semi-skilled handling can work on this machine. The work can be done easily.

7. Machine productivity is good.

8. One of the advantages of this machine is that it can be operated manually and automatically.

How to use CNC surface grinding machine?

1. Check the machinery, electrical appliances, protective devices, dust removal devices, work cards and measuring tools before work. They have to be in good shape.

2. After manual inspection of all parts, empty car operation, check the longitudinal reciprocating motion of grinding head, confirm normal operation.

3. Before work, manually adjust the position of reversing iron and tighten it according to the grinding length of the workpiece.

4. When the machine is working, the pressure of the hydraulic system should not exceed the specified value range. The oil temperature shall not exceed 50℃. When there is air in the cylinder, the grinding head should be moved back and forth several times with the maximum stroke to exhaust air.

5. The machine tool has no automatic and manual interlocking mechanism with longitudinal movement. When using hydraulic automatic reciprocating motion, the handle must be pulled out.

6. Check fixture, workpiece tightness, grinding wheel balance tightness and belt tightness frequently during work. The grinding of blunt wheels should be corrected in time.

7. When dressing grinding wheel, the diamond cutter is fixed on a special bracket. Collision is prohibited during operation and protective glasses should be worn.

8. Do not stop the grinding wheel until it is detached from the workpiece.

9. The grinding wheel should be replaced in accordance with the general safety regulations of the mill.

10. Do not touch the workpiece during grinding and do not transfer objects across moving parts.

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