Why should you use a vertical milling machine?
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Why should you use a vertical milling machine?

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Vertical CNC milling machine can create products with higher accuracy and detail. What are the characteristics of CNC vertical milling machine? What knowledge should we know before buying vertical CNC milling machine?

vertical milling machine

l What are the characteristics of CNC milling machine?

l What is the working principle of CNC milling machine?

l CNC vertical milling machine can cut what?

What are the characteristics of CNC milling machine?

1. CNC milling machines are controlled by digital computers rather than physical hands. It is a computerized numerical control milling machine used for a variety of functions including aerospace, electronics and healthcare. CNC milling machines perform tasks similar to drilling holes or cutting parts of different shapes, leaving no room for human error. A CNC milling machine works by rotating its cylindrical cutter, moving along multiple axes, creating slots, holes and details in the material that can be converted into vehicle or machine parts.

2. CNC vertical milling machine with vertical directional spindle axis, is a standard milling machine with long and thin cutting tools. These tools are required for die applications, plunge cutting, or drilling. If you want high quality precision parts, vertical milling machines are the best choice -- industries such as aerospace, electronics and automotive benefit greatly from the capabilities of vertical milling machines. Gear box, headstock, gear pump shell and other box parts are independent milling process. It is also valuable for complex curved parts such as engine impeller, propeller and CAM.

What is the working principle of CNC milling machine?

1. The CNC milling process begins with the creation of 2D or 3D computer-aided part designs. The finished design is then converted to a CNC-compliant file format. Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) software then converts the files into a CNC machine program that reads the movements of the machine and the cutter movement on the workpiece.

2. Once the milling process begins, the machine starts rotating the cutting tool at speeds of up to thousands of revolutions. When the device starts to cut into the workpiece, the machine will perform the following actions according to the requirements of the application and the type of milling machine.

3. It slowly feeds the workpiece into the stationary rotating tool.

4. It moves the tool over the stationary workpiece.

5. It then pushes both the tool and the artifact.

6. This is how CNC milling machines work. After completion, the product enters the stage of finishing and post-processing.

7. Prepare a CNC milling machine by fixing the workpiece to the working surface of the machine and connecting the tool to the spindle of the equipment.

CNC vertical milling machine can cut what?

1. Vertical milling machine can cut holes and grooves. It also specializes in drilling and cutting and 3d products. It can also be molded and manufactured to remove inventory from metal workpieces.

2. Vertical milling machines cannot be used in some areas, such as heavy items that need to be machined on multiple sides. vertical milling machines are best for tasks such as sinking molds. Horizontal milling machines are ideal for applications where more material is removed from the workpiece.

With the development of machine tool manufacturing technology and CNC machine tools, the structure of vertical milling machines will be different from previous types to adapt to modern applications. If you are looking for a supplier of high quality CNC vertical milling machine at a reasonable price, the GooDa Company is a very good choice.

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