5-axis high speed gantry machining center
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5-axis high speed gantry machining center

  • GOODA VH500


GOODA 5-axis High Speed Gantry Machining Center is a machine that specialize in profiles, pipes, plates and bars of aluminium, copper, plastic and composite materials be cut to pieces.

Design Concept & Functions:
1.The structural parts including saw bow and base are all integrally processed by the processing center so as to ensure
long-term and stable operation of the machine.
2.Hydraulic tensioning saw belt with break protection.
3.Tungsten steel clamping structure to ensure the normal operation of the saw belt.
4.Equipped with small material clamping device for positioning and clamping of partial profiles and small plates.
5.A single feed stroke is 500mm.
6.Adopt quasi-dry micro-lubrication cooling system to ensure the normal operation of sawing.


Technical Specifications and Parameters



Maximum sawing ability

HxW 320x460mm


11kw Hydraulic Motor:0.75kw

Saw Belt Size 


Saw Belt Tensioning Method

Independent Hydraulic Tensioning/Relaxation

Feeding Way

Hydraulic drive, speed infinitely adjustable

Automatic Feeding

Automatic cut to length, a single feed of 500mm

Chip Removal Way

Automatic Scraper Chip Removal


Product Inquire
Every feature, function and configuration of our machine tools are made for our customer.
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