CNC Circular Saw SAW-850
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CNC Circular Saw SAW-850

Sawing capacity: Width:100-850mm; Thickness: 20-100mm
Saw blade Dia.: φ460mm
  • SAW-850



Function Introduction of the SAW-850

size of CNC circular saw SAW-850

GooDa High Speed Circular Saw SAW-850 uses carbide saw blades for cutting, suitable for cutting metal blocks or rods such as high-strength structural steel, tool steel, alloy steel, and wear-resistant steel. 

This machine has stable performance, high precision, and the smoothness can reach ≤Ra6.3μm. It achieves the effect of replacing milling with sawing.

Key Features

  • Sawing capacity: Width:100-850mm; Thickness: 20-100mm; length: 20-3000mm

  • Saw blade Dia.: φ460mm

  • Compact structure, small footprint, easy installation and use

  • It is mainly used for high speed cutting black and non-ferrous metals bars or plates, an ideal equipment for small to medium batch cutting


1. CNC Control System

Touch screen control panel for simple and quick operation, improves work efficiency.

control system

2. Carbide Saw Blade

Carbide saw blades are suitable for processing high-hardness materials with high efficiency, high precision, and high surface smoothness.

carbide saw blade

3. Hydraulic Clamping

Side clamping with top pressing force offers firm clamping and a positive down force to ensure cutting precision.

hydraulic clamping

4. Transmission System

Gear-driven headstock structure, matched with high-power spindle motor, ensuring strong and stable torque output.

transmission system

5. Automatic Feed

Servo motor drives the screw to clamp the metal blanks with high positioning accuracy. The single length when feeding is 600mm, and blanks can be fed multiple times in a cycle.

automatic feed

6. Chip Removal System

Collects and transports chips automatically, saving time and effort, and improving processing efficiency.

chip removal system

SAW-850 Value Unit
Capacity Sawing width 100-850 mm
Sawing thickness 20-100 mm
Sawing length ≥20 mm
Blank length ≤3000 mm
Spindle Saw blade diameter D460 mm
Spindle speed 50-150 rpm
Spindle motor power 22 KW
Feed Feed motor power 3 KW
Working speed 6000 mm/min
Rapid feed speed 100-400 mm/min
Feeding mode Multiple cycles /
Feeding motor power 1.5 KW
Positioning accuracy of feeding table 0.1 mm/300mm
Sawing accuracy Roughness 6.3 μm
Perpendicularity 0.2/100 mm
Straightness 0.1/850 mm
Dimensional tolerance ±0.15 mm
Clamping mode Clamping mode Vertical clamping /
Cutting fluid Cutting fluid EMULCUT /
Chip removal system Chip removal system Spiral discharge machine /
Machine weight Machine weight 9000 KG

*Note: Parameter above is for reference only, please contact us for more detailed data or inquire customized solutions.

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