CNC Surface Grinding Machine HG-2330NC
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CNC Surface Grinding Machine HG-2330NC

Grinding capacity: L3000*W2000*H700mm
Gantry-type structure, automatic grinding
  • HG-2330NC



Function Introduction of the HG-2330NC

size of cnc surface grinding machine-HG-2330NC

GooDa CNC surface grinding machine HG-2330NC, a medium and large grinding machine, is designed in a gantry structure, with the bed, columns, and beam forming a rigid frame structure, ensuring the precision and machine performance.

All structural castings of this machine are widened and thickened.

This machine can be optionally equipped with a fully enclosed protective cover and waterproof sliding doors to enhance safety and convenience of operation.

Key Features

  • Grinding capacity: L3000*W2000*H700mm;

  • Gantry-type structure, automatic grinding;

  • High-rigidity frame structure, high-quality castings;

  • Surface roughness Ra<0.8um, machining accuracy ≤0.01/1000mm;

  • Machine size and model are optional and support customization.


1. Cooling System

Independent hydraulic oil cooling system, ensuring smooth transmission and preventing the oil cylinder from heating up during operation, thus maintaining precision.

cooling system

2. Stable Transmission

The spindle of the grinding head employs a hydrostatic structure for smooth processing, high precision, and good shock resistance, suitable for heavy-duty grinding.

stable transmission

3. Protection Cover

The machine can be optionally equipped with a fully enclosed protective cover and waterproof sliding doors to enhance safety, convenience of operation.

protection cover

4. Worktable Feed

The worktable is driven by an oil cylinder and a high-power motor, delivering high torque, stepless speed adjustment, smooth motion, and low noise.

worktable feed

5. Control System

Machine adopts mainstream CNC control system and a new style touch panel, offering simple and efficient operation, achieving automatic grinding of workpiece surfaces.

cnc control system

6. Electro-magnetic Chuck

It features high strength, strong magnetic force, excellent waterproof and sealing performance. Its large magnetic area coverage is suitable for processing plate-shaped, bar-shaped workpieces, and various large workpieces.

electro magnetic chuck

HG-2330NC Value Unit
Capacity Max. grinding length 3000 mm
Max. grinding width 2000 mm
Max. grinding height 700 mm
Table Table size 1800*3000 mm
Magnetic chuck size 1800*3000 mm
Max. load 10000 KG
T-slot size 28*180 mm
Spindle Spindle motor 22 KW
Spindle speed 1400 rpm
Grinding wheel 500*203*75 mm
Accuracy Accuracy X: 0.01/1000
Y: 0.015/1000
Roughness Ra0.8 μm
Feed speed X axis 5-28 m/min
Y/Z axis 0-5000 mm/min
Machine dimensions Floor space (L*W*H) 10018*5040*4700 mm
Net weight ~30000 KG

*Note: Parameter above is for reference only, please contact us for more detailed data or inquire customized solutions.

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