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Chamfering Machine DJX3-1000-600S

Machining size(H*W*L): (20-300)*(150-600)*(150-1000)mm
Standard cutter Dia.: Φ90mm
  • DJX3-1000-600S


Machine Model:

Function Introduction of the DJX3-1000-600S

size of the DJX3-1000-600s

Key Features

GooDa Chamfering Machine DJX3-1000-600s is designed to maximize productivity by full-auto deburring. It adopts CNC touch screen, automatic measuring, automatic chamfering. The air floating magnetic chuck can easily rotate the workpiece at different angles.

This machine has excellent performance, high efficiency, and high reliability. It is suitable for metal processing industries such as mold steel, aluminum, and mold processing.

  • Machining size(H*W*L): (20-300)*(150-600)*(150-1000)mm

  • Standard cutter Dia.: Φ90mm

  • Worktable size: 580*1150mm

  • Worktable load capacity:2000kg

  • CNC touch screen


1. High-quality castings

The main components of this machine are made of high-quality castings, which are processed by CNC machine tools and subjected to stress relief annealing.

casting of djx3-1000-600p

2. Air floating magnetic chuck

It enables easy movement of the workpiece by using air pressure to make the workpiece float, enhancing the anti-vibration ability of the worktable, reducing wear and ensuring accuracy.

magnetic chuck of djx3-1000-600p

3. CNC control system

Visual operating system, only need to input processing parameters to achieve high-performance motion control. 

The operation is simple and convenient, with high stability, meeting the demand for efficient processing.

control system of djx3-1000-600s

4. Three-head linked chamfering

Three-head linkage, triple efficiency! When chamfering horizontally, the upper and lower edges of the workpiece can be chamfered at the same time without flipping.

The upper spindle is equipped with a tool setting sensor, which can automatically measure the workpiece and record the tool path,  improving chamfering efficiency and achieving safe and efficient production.

three-head linked chamfering of djx3-1000-600p

DJX3-1000-600S Value Unit
Cutting capacity Control axis 3 /
Max cutting capacity C4 /
Cutting size(H*W*L) (20-300)*(150-600)*(150-1000) mm
Worktable Worktable size 580*1150 mm
Max. load 2000 KG
Spindle Speed 2800 rpm
Motor power 0.75 KW
Cutter diameter Φ90 mm
Z/W axis Motor power 1.0/1.5/1.0 KW
Max feed 10 mm/s
Max cutting speed 4 mm/s
Tank capacity Air floating magnetic chuck 600*1000 mm
Number of grease filler ports 2 pcs
Power source Power AC380V/220 10KVA V
Machine weight & size Weight 2600 KG
Size L3180*W1500*H1930 mm

*Note: Parameter above is for reference only, please contact us for more detailed data or inquire customized solutions.


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