Double-sided compound horizontal machining center
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Double-sided compound horizontal machining center

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The horizontal machining center belongs to the technical field of machining, especially a double-sided composite horizontal machining center.

Machining center is a high-efficiency automatic machine tool composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system for machining complex-shaped workpieces. The machining center is equipped with a tool magazine with automatic tool change function, which can perform multi-process processing after clamping the workpiece at one time, thus greatly reducing the clamping time of the workpiece. artifact. However, the existing horizontal machining center still has certain limitations for workpieces that need to be processed on multiple surfaces. After the workpiece is processed, it is generally necessary to stop the workpiece and then re-clamp the workpiece to be processed, so it has an impact on the further improvement of processing efficiency.

In order to overcome the deficiencies in the existing technology, GooDa Machinery introduced a double-sided composite horizontal machining center that can further improve the processing efficiency, using the following technical solutions:

A double-sided composite horizontal machining center has a base, two sides of the base are symmetrically provided with a left column and a right column that can move laterally along the base, and a left main shaft that can be lifted up and down along the left column is installed on the left column. The right column of the machining center is installed with a right main shaft that can be lifted up and down along the right column, and an exchange table that can rotate 180 degrees is located at the rear of the center of the base. The front and rear ends of the exchange table of the machining center are respectively provided with clamping The worktable of the workpiece has a sliding seat in the center of the base, and the worktable on which the workpiece is clamped on the exchange table is moved to the center of the base through the sliding seat.

The double-sided composite horizontal machining center can process both sides of the workpiece at the same time, and can complete the machining process of five sides of the workpiece after one clamping, and the machining center is not required when the worktables at the front and rear ends of the worktable are exchanged to clamp the workpiece shutdown, to achieve continuous operation, effectively improve the processing efficiency.

GooDa CNC horizontal machining center GDHM-50VNC can realize complex machining of four sides and multiple processes in one clamping, with strong processing ability and wide application range. The main castings of lathe bed (base, workbench, column, saddle, bedside table, etc.) are made of resin sand, which is suitable for various kinds of machining of complicated box parts with holes and high coaxiality requirements, advantages:

· The machining center is designed with an integrated bed structure, using finite element analysis to optimize the reasonable rebar arrangement to match the M-type.

· Large inertia feeding servo motor, high rigidity ball screw and guide rail, good stability and high precision.

· The reinforcement makes the column and the bed integrated, the performance indexes of each component are guaranteed, and the bed has high rigidity.

Transmission: three-axis feeding adopts advanced large inertia feeding servo motor and imported high-rigidity long precision preloaded roller guide reduced cutting vibration, torsional, durable, vibration reduction. Rail and imported high rigidity ball screw, fundamentally solve the workpiece in the process of processing due to thermal deformation.

Tool magazine: the tool magazine manipulator adopts a full set of imported professional supporting manufacturers' products, with reliable quality and stable performance, which further improves the reliability of the machining center. The tool arm type tool magazine can accommodate 24 tools, and the tool change time is fast.

Dongguan GooDa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2012. It is a manufacturer of China's top ten professional CNC machine tools and key functional components. The company has a professional technical research and development team and a complete production, market and after-sales system, which can provide users with Complete solutions in the field of CNC. The company's main products include, CNC double-sided milling machine, CNC gantry milling machine, 6-axis drilling machine , CNC machining center, CNC gantry machining center, CNC high-speed sawing machine , CNC gantry grinding machine , CNC surface milling machine , CNC three-axis linkage chamfering machine, The 180 degree turning machine sits on the CNC machine tool.

After years of unremitting efforts, the company has obtained dozens of patented technologies and software copyrights, and has successively passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, EU CE product safety certification, and Korea KCS product certification. In order to maintain the advantages of CNC machine tool product technology, the company actively carries out industry-university-research cooperation and continues to promote the development of the company while recruiting and recruiting outstanding talents. Contact us, website:, hotline:+86-769-8976-0601/+86-138-1097-3752, /

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