Duplex Milling Machine TH-1300 Series
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Duplex Milling Machine TH-1300 Series

High Efficiency High Rigidity Multi Spindle Milling Machine
  • TH-1300


Machine Model:
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TH-1300 Function Introduction

Size of Duplex Milling Machine TH-1300NCA

Key Features

  • The machine is equipped with a CNC control system and dual milling heads with secondary drive and a rotary worktable for enhanced functionality;

  • Optional servo plate with precise reference positioning;

  • The machine's gantry frame has an automatic opening and closing function, enhancing operational convenience, efficiency, and cutting performance;

  • The machine is designed with a user-friendly and highly intelligent system to achieve high-efficiency and high-precision machining;

  • Chamfering can be completed as required while milling faces;

  • Cutting range 150-1300mm, cutting diamater: φ300mm(St.).

Cutting Parameter

Machine Model Workpiece material Cutter diameter Cutter blade Cutting thickness Depth of cut
TH-1300NCA S45C 300mm 14 blades 290mm 3mm(unilateral)

Cutting Capacity of Duplex Milling Machine TH-1300NCA

Numerical Control System (Optional)



Views of Duplex Milling Machine TH-1300NCA

Foundation Drawing

Foundation Drawing of Duplex Milling Machine TH-1300NCA

  1. GooDa CNC duplex milling machine TH1300NCA is L5680*W4760*H2700mm, with an additional minimum of 600mm space required for maintenance.

  2. Once the length and width lines of the machine are drawn, proceed to drill holes with a diameter of 180mm and a depth of 600mm as indicated in the diagram.

  3. When the machine is in place, place the shim plate in the machine foundation hole, insert the foundation bolt, and then proceed with leveling. Tighten the nuts to secure the horizontal position and then proceed with grouting.

  4. Wait 6-7 days to re-level the machine.

*Note: The drawing above is for reference only; please refer to the actual design drawings for accurate details.

Screen Function Explain

Screen Function Explain of Duplex Milling Machine TH-430NC

  • Advanced CNC system for safe machining and high accuracy

  • Modify finished dimensions during machining

  • Pre-loading machining allowance

  • Automatic measurement

  • Automatic linkage positioning of worktable and stopper

  • Automatic correction of machining dimensions

  • Automatic positioning

  • Signal sensing control, fast response

  • Automatic correction of tool wear

  • Automatically complete rough and precision milling on all four sides with one clamping

  • The worktable rotates without retracting the tool directly

  • Automatic rework of the finished products

  • System can be easily operated without programming

  • Rapid tool feed

  • Memory function for tool feed

  • Automatic calculate tool path

  • Power-off resume processing

  • Direct machining against the plate (for batch parts)

  • Multiple machining methods available

  • Optional setting method for workpiece trimming amount

Specification of TH-1300NCA

TH-1300NCA Item Value Unit
Cutting capacity Axis number 5 /
Cutting capacity 2*3 mm
Cutting size 150-1300 mm
Cutting thickness 290 mm
Worktable Working size 900*900 mm
Max. load capacity 3500 kg
Spindle Cutter diameter 300 mm
Spindle speed 50-500 rpm
Spindle motor 2*22 KW
Feed X/Y/Z Max feed speed 6000/6000/6000 mm/min
Accuracy Perpendicularity 0.02 mm
Dimensional accuracy 0.05 mm
Machine weight and size Machine net weight ~17500 kg
Machine size L5680*W4760*H2700 mm

*Note: Parameter above is for reference only, please contact us for more detailed data or inquire customized solutions.


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