Three axis rail vertical machining center
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Three axis rail vertical machining center

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The vertical machining center refers to the machining center in which the axis of the main shaft and the worktable are vertically arranged. The three-axis rail vertical machining center that can realize three-axis linkage is mainly suitable for processing plates, discs, molds and small shells. For complex parts, it can complete milling, boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting processes. And the structure is simple, flexible and convenient to use, good versatility, and strong bearing capacity, stable and reliable.

Three-spindle vertical machining center, including base, saddle, column and headstock, the column is fixed on the base, the saddle is erected on the slide rail of the base through the saddle slider, and the headstock passes through the line between the headstock slider and the column. The rail is connected, and the saddle is provided with a workbench.

In view of the above-mentioned related technologies, the debris generated during processing is easy to be sputtered around, and is easy to get stuck in the main body of the machining center , which affects the stability and reliability of the operation.

In order to reduce the sputtering of the debris generated during processing into the main body of the machining center, thereby reducing the possibility of the debris affecting the stability and reliability of operation, GooDa Machinery introduced a three-axis rail vertical machining center.

Three-axis rail vertical machining center, including the main body of the machining center, the main body of the machining center includes a worktable and a machine head, a chip blocking mechanism is connected between the worktable and the machine head, and the chip blocking mechanism includes a flexible cover body, the interior of the cover body is hollow and two port exposure. The worktable and the machine head of the machining center are respectively connected with one of the open ends of the cover body, the machine head and the cover body are detachably connected by connecting pieces, and the length of the cover body is not less than the shortest distance between the worktable and the machine head.

The machining center encloses the worktable, the tool and the workpiece through a flexible cover to reduce the sputtering of debris into the machining center, thereby reducing the possibility of affecting the stability and reliability of operation. In addition, during the movement of the machine head or the worktable, the flexible cover body can be twisted to adapt to the positions of the machine head and the worktable, and is not easy to affect the processing.

GooDa GDVL-850H is a fixed-column vertical machining center machine tool, which adopts mechatronics design, beautiful appearance, and can be used for precision cutting. After the workpiece is clamped once, the machine tool can automatically and continuously complete the processing of various processes such as milling, drilling, boring, expanding, reaming, countersinking, and tapping.

This vertical machining center is suitable for multi-variety processing of complex parts such as medium and small boxes, plates, discs, shells, etc. It is widely used in auto parts, valves, construction machinery, IT equipment, optical equipment, medical equipment and aviation. Aerospace and other industries.

Whole machine: The machine tool is fixed by a column, and the cross slide is moved. X, Y axis adopts linear rolling guide, Z axis is sliding guide, the whole machine has high rigidity, high stability and high reliability. The large flow fully enclosed protection is beautiful in appearance, easy to operate and maintain.

Spindle box: high-speed spindle unit is adopted, the spindle adopts BT40 specification, and has the function of central air blowing.

Tool magazine: The tool magazine adopts a disc type tool magazine with reliable quality and stable performance.

Drive: The three-axis motor and the high-precision ball screw are directly driven. The ball screw is pre-stretched and installed to improve transmission rigidity and positioning accuracy. The three linear coordinate axes all use linear rolling guides. The machine tool has little vibration during high-speed feed and no crawling during low-speed feed. The Z-axis adopts sliding guide rails, which has high rigidity and high reliability during cutting feed.

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