Vertical Machining Center LJ-1270
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Vertical Machining Center LJ-1270

X/Y/Z Travel: 1200/700/600mm
Medium-size Vertical Machining Center
  • LJ-1270



Function Introduction of the LJ-1270

size of vertical machining center-LJ-1270

GooDa Vertical Machining Center LJ-1270 is a medium to medium-size machine tool. Once the workpiece is clamped, it can automatically complete multiple processes such as milling, drilling, boring, and tapping continuously.

It is suitable for the small to medium-batch processing of complex parts such as small and medium-sized box, plate, disk, valve, shell, and mold components.

Key Features

  • Medium-size vertical machining center;

  • High rigidity, high efficiency, heavy-duty cutting;

  • X/Y/Z Travel: 1200/700/600mm.

machine precision

high quality accessories

after-sales service

LJ-1270 Value Unit
Travel X/Y/Z Travel 1200/700/600 mm
Worktable Distance from spindle end face to worktable 87-687 mm
Size 1360*700 mm
Max. load 1000 KG
T-slot (number*width*center distance) 5*18*122 mm
Spindle Spindle Taper BT50-φ190 /
Spindle RPM 8000 rpm
Spindle drive Belt drive /
Feed X/Y/Z Rapid traverse 16/16/12 m/min
Motor Spindle motor power 11/15 KW
3-axis servo motor power X/Y/Z: 16/16/16 KW
Machine weight & size Size (L*W*H) 3730*3100*3100 mm
Weight ~7500 KG

*Note: Parameter above is for reference only, please contact us for more detailed data or inquire customized solutions.

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