Horizontal Machining Center WJ-2515
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Horizontal Machining Center WJ-2515

X/Y/Z Travel: 2500*1500*850mm
Spindle RPM: 3000rpm/6000rpm
  • WJ-2515



Function Introduction of the WJ-2515

size of horizontal machining center-WJ-2515

DooDa Horizontal Machining Center WJ-2515 adopts an ultra-large size inverted "T" type bed base, and the Y-axis adopts a double-layer wall moving column structure with high rigidity and durability, suitable for heavy-duty cutting, roughing, semi-finishing applications.

To enhance the roughing function, a customized thicken spindle is adopted, equipped with a 30 KW high-torque motor, suitable for precision molds, engineering machinery, automotive, locomotives, ships, marine engineering, and other industries.


1. Bed & Base

The inverted "T" type bed structure ensures that the machine tool has sufficient rigidity and stability during operation, reduces machine tool vibration, and improves tool life.

machine base

2. Head

2 extended heavy-duty 55# roller linear guides ensure high resistance to vibrations. The spindle box has a nitrogen balance system to improve the machine tool dynamic response speed.

machine head

3. Spindle

Increased spindle sleeve diameter enhances the cutting rigidity, with spindle RPM reaching up to 3000rpm/6000rpm. The spindle is equipped with a cooling system to ensure long-term stable operation.

machine spindle

4. Z-axis

The Z-axis motion is the entire movement of the column. The rigidity of the Z-axis and the spindle head remains consistent throughout the full travel of the Z-axis, reducing tool vibration during deep cavity machining.


5. Protection Cover

The machine is equipped with a semi enclosed protective cover to enhance safety.

protection cover

6. Column

The Y-axis adopts a double-layer wall moving column structure, made of high-quality HT-300 cast iron with secondary annealing treatment, ensuring deformation resistance, excellent accuracy and stability, and long service life.


WJ-2515 Value Unit
Travel X/Y/Z Travel 2500*1500*850 mm
Worktable Size 2500*1300 mm

Max. load 17000 KG
Spindle Spindle Taper BT-50-φ220 /

Spindle drive Belt drive /
Spindle RPM 3000/6000 rpm
Distance from spindle center to worktable 135-1635 mm
Feed Guideway X/Y/Z axis: roller rail guide /
X/Y/Z Rapid feed rate 10/10/10 m/min
Max. cutting feed rate 8/8/8 m/min
Machine weight & size Size (L*W*H) 6100*5355*4100 mm
Weight ~23000 KG

*Note: Parameter above is for reference only, please contact us for more detailed data or inquire customized solutions.


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