Machining Center - circulating oil cooling system
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Machining Center - circulating oil cooling system

This machine is suitable for the multi-variety processing of complex parts such as medium and small boxes, plates, plates, shells, etc. It is widely used in auto parts, valves, engineering machinery, IT equipment, optical equipment, medical equipment and aviation Aerospace and other industries.


The Features

1. On the basis of inheriting the advantages of strong rigidity, symmetrical structure and strong stability of the traditional vertical CNC milling machine, this machine tool introduces the international advanced dynamic rigid design concept and optimizes the design of moving parts. The machine tool has the characteristics of large torque,fast response characteristics, etc., which is suitable for the needs of variousmachining fields such as automobiles, molds, aerospace, military, and hardware.

2. Linear slide rails are used for three-axis movement. The three-axis rapid movement can reach 36m/min, and the heaviest load is 550Kg, ensuring accurate positioning.

3. The machine bed, workbench, column, beam, saddle, and headstock are made of resin sand molded HT300 high-strength inoculated cast iron. After secondary annealing, the internal stress caused by casting stress and rough machining is completely eliminated to ensure high rigidity and high structure. Stable and qualitative, ensure quality permanently.

Machining Center -casting

4. The castings are calculated and analyzed by computer based on finite element analysis. The reasonable structure strength and the matching of reinforcing ribs provide high mechanical rigidity.

The main parts of the machine and its structure.

Spindle box

The contact ratio of the spindle box to the column adopts the best contact ratio design, and it is matched with the imported spindle from Taiwan to achieve the high rigidity of the headstock of the huge machine tool. It can ensure the rigidity requirements of drilling, milling, tapping, boring and other processes.


large-span base, the guide rail is 1.2 times higher than peering companies, effectively disperses the gravity and processing capacity; the saddle has a short overhang, which greatly improves the dynamic accuracy

Machining Center -base


We use upside-down “Y” shape column which is more stable and rigid than “I” shape column. It can eliminate to the greatest extent the problem of the laterally stressed column tilting left and right.

Machining Center - column


The three-axis motor and high-precision ball screw adopt a direct drive method. The ball screw is pre-tensioned and installed to improve transmission rigidity and positioning accuracy. The three linear coordinate axes all use linear rolling guides, the machine tool has low vibration during high-speed feed and no crawling during low-speed feed.


cooling system

The main shaft is equipped with a circulating oil cooling system to reduce the temperature rise caused by the high-speed rotation of the main shaft. The differential temperature mode is adopted to keep the main shaft temperature below about 2 degrees from the ambient temperature to ensure that there is no condensation on the surface of the main shaft, ensuring the life and accuracy of the main shaft.

Machining Center - circulating oil cooling system

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