GOODA Automatic Disc Cutting Machine GD-CXY100
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GOODA Automatic Disc Cutting Machine GD-CXY100

  • GD-CXY100


Design Concept & Functions:

1. This equipment is a general-purpose high-speed metal circular sawing machine, especially suitable for all kinds of non-ferrous metal pipe, bar high-speed Precision cutting.

2. The sawing tool adopts imported TCT circular saw blade, with long service life, narrow kerf and material saving.

3. Adopting PLC logic controller for automatic control and touch screen for parameter setting, material head, material tail, workpiece and chips can be conveyed to the specified position, and the whole process is digitally controlled.

4. Feeding device and feeding device adopt servo motor and high precision ball screw to feed and feed. feeding.

5. Adopting quasi-dry spray cooling system, centralised automatic lubrication system, sawdust automatic collection system, and reliable performance of the whole equipment. Reliable performance.

6. Adopting adjustable high rigidity saw blade stabiliser, completely preventing the vibration and deflection of the circular saw blade, with high sawing precision.

Technical Specifications and Parameters

Main technical parameters:
Sawing capacity
Bar ● 30 ~ 100 mm
Angle ▓ 30 ~ 76 mm
Round pipe ○ 30 ~ 100mm
Square tube □ 30 ~ 76mm
Head Spindle
For TCT tungsten carbide circular saw blades Ø360 x 2.6 t mm
Number of saw blade revolutions 20~120rpm / Variable speed
Saw Blade Chip Remover Round wire brush
Spindle drive motor 11kw (15Hp) / 4p
AC servo motor_head 2.0kw (Mitsubishi)
AC servo motor __ feed mechanism 1.5kw (Mitsubishi)
Hydraulic drive motor 2.25 kw / 4p
Hydraulic device
Hydraulic drive pressure 70 kg/cm2 (7 MP a)
Hydraulic tank capacity 110 liters
Pneumatic device
Working air pressure 4 ~ 6 kg/cm2 (55 ~ 85 psi)
GFC (Guillotine Feeder) mechanism
End cut length 8~99mm
Residual material length 75+α(α is not enough length for one workpiece)
Feed length 680mm (single)
Chip removal device Standard configuration/chain plate type
Weight / Mainframe 2900KGS

Product Inquire
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