GOODA HX-4020 CNC High Speed Saw Machine
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GOODA HX-4020 CNC High Speed Saw Machine

  • GOODA HX-4020


Design Concept & Functions:
1.High degree of automation: Automatic feeding; automatic positioning; automatic sawing. Unmanned shift is realized for large batch of products.
2.The sawing blade features as horizontal sawing; it is suitable to rather large and broad materials.
3.The feeding is driven by oil pressure to maintain stability and great power.
4.The compression clamp tools are arranged at each side of sawing blade so that materials maintain stable in the sawing.
5.The clamp tools of feeding platform include 2 groups upward compression tools + 2 groups of lateral compression tools. They are suitable to the sawing of scraggly materials and synchronized sawing of numerous materials.
6.The clamp tools are driven by air pressure (oil pressure driving model is selective) to meet the clamping demand for most materials.
7.The motor of sawing blade is in the variable frequency control model and enjoys a large speed adjustment scope.
8.In the automatic feeding, the servo motor drives the ball screw to maintain a high precision.
9.The single feeding stroke is 1300mm; the materials can be fed repeatedly.
10.It is possessed of sensing and measurement function in case of no materials; the length of tail materials can be self-defined.
11.Compensation function of feeding error is able to minimize feeding error.
12.PLC control method is adopted; the human-machine interface is touchable and easy to learn.
13.The withdrawal aims to make slight distribution to the materials and prevent cutting surface from being affected by withdrawal. 

14. 12"-24" sawing blade can be selected and adopted according to the actual demand.




GooDa HX-4020Dual Servo


Sawing capability

Cutting length

1200mm(Repeatable feeding)

Cutting width


Maximum cutting height



Main Saw

Main saw motor


Diameter of main saw(optional)

Ø355mm Ø405mm Ø460mm/Ø550mm/610mm

Diameter of main saw shaft core

Ø 25.4mm

Speed of main saw

MAX:4000 r/min

sever motor

Travel frequency conversion motor


Screw Rod

Taiwan HIWIN Grinding Grade Screws

Saw seat

Automatic feeding engine

1KW sever motor



Feeding accuracy tolerance






Machine size (L×W×H)

3420 x 2230 x 1770 mm

Weight KG


Product Inquire
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