GOODA HL-6BNC CNC High Speed Circular Sawing Machine
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GOODA HL-6BNC CNC High Speed Circular Sawing Machine



CNC High Speed Circular Sawing machine is a machine that specialize in aluminum Square Bar  be cut to pieces equipment. Applying mainly to sawing processing of aluminum alloy plates, the equipment has high reliability, high sawing efficiency, low operation cost, complete safety protection functions, sufficient static and dynamic rigidity and other significant characteristics. With the most advanced technology currently, it ensures the favorable dynamic quality of the system. The machine tool features simple utilization, operation and maintenance, appealing modeling and excellent after-sales service.

Model: HL-6BNC full-automatic high speed precision aluminum plate sawing machine
HL represents the model of the aluminum plate sawing machine from Heineda
2 represents the sawing capability of the aluminum plate saw machine:
the maximum sawing width of 3800mm
the maximum sawing height of 120mm(OP160mm)
the maximum sawing length of 3800mm(OP4300mm)
BNC represents the aluminum plate sawing machine is the full-automatic model.

Design Concept & Functions:
1.The machinery framework is in the heavy-duty structure so that equipment enjoys stable operation.
2.The sawing foundation is in the lateral suspension structure; the quide device is arranged with
  double-row roller type straight slide rail.
3.In the travelling of sawing foundation, the grinding gear, rack and servo motor are arranged to guarantee
  the compatibility of sawing speed.
4.The pressing materials hood is in the overall design so that materials do not slide in the sawing.
5.The sucking pipe is reserved; large power dust collector is arranged.
6.Except for the floating rollers, all other contents on the working platform are made of chromium-plated
 steel plate in order to avoid scratch of materials.
7.The suspended feeding clamp claw features as air pressure driving and clamping.
8.The driver of feeding mechanism is in the structure of servo motor + gear and rack.
9.The sawing foundation is elevated by hydraulic power; the ascending height of sawing blade is det up
  according to the plate thickness.
10.The industrial computer and PC interface are arranged to set up parameters and control operation.

Technical Specifications and Parameters



Sawing capability

Cutting length


Cutting width


Maximum cutting height


Maximum exposed height of saw blade


Main saw blade

Main saw motor


Diameter of main saw


Diameter of main saw shaft core

Ø 38mm

Speed of main saw

3900 r/min

Saw seat

Travel frequency conversion motor

AC 2.2KW

Forward speed

 Fastest 10m/min (load)

Backward speed

 Fastest 22 m/min

Automatic feeding engine


Utilization pressure

≥5.0 kg/cm2

Distance between working bench and floor

1130 mm

Appearance size (L×W×H) of machine tool



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